Arctic Circle Odyssey: Fairbanks’ Gateway to the North


In search of the top Arctic Circle trips departing from Fairbanks, Alaska? If so, you’ve arrived at the perfect location. Some of the world’s most spectacular Arctic Circle trip experiences originate in Fairbanks! I was lucky enough to drive to the Arctic Circle from Fairbanks on “the Haul Road,” or the Dalton Highway, with my spouse after spending considerable time sightseeing and camping close to the Brooks Range. In addition, we had the opportunity to stop at several of the isolated villages along the way. Where we spoke with residents and gained insight into daily life in the far north. You shouldn’t pass up this exceptional opportunity! You won’t be sorry. My desire to inspire people to do an unforgettable Arctic Circle Tour from Fairbanks, whether summer or winter, stems from this experience.

Travelers may immerse themselves entirely in the Arctic environment on some of the longer trips from Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle, which opens up opportunities to visit areas they would not have otherwise had the chance to. No matter what kind of outdoor activity or cultural travel you have done before, these trips will provide an incredible opportunity that comes just once in a lifetime. Now, let’s get going! I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 great Circle excursions from Fairbanks to simplify your trip planning and provide a beautiful experience.

Traveling with a local guide is the best way to enjoy this fantastic area since they provide dependable advice and unique and memorable experiences. Driving in Alaska on difficult gravel roads might be risky for visitors from other states with little or no expertise on isolated routes. Tours enable tourists to take in Alaska’s scenery while maintaining the group’s security and the quality of their trip.

1. The original Fairbanks Arctic Circle Drive

the original Fairbanks

This 16-hour journey follows the well-known Dalton Highway and offers breathtaking vistas of the Arctic tundra, clean rivers, and a glimpse into rural Alaskan life.

Experience this small-group tour with skilled local guides who will give comments along the way; it’s an unforgettable trip. You will stop for picture opportunities at picturesque locations like the vast Yukon River and Joy, Alaska’s Arctic Circle Trading Post. Your guide will tell you tales of rural Alaskan life and what it’s like to live off the grid so far away from the city as you go.

You will have officially reached one of the northernmost places on Earth by the conclusion of your journey. Something that not many individuals can claim to have accomplished! For this journey to take place, the weather must be favorable. If inclement weather forces a cancellation, you will get a full refund or an alternative date.

2. The yearly Arctic Circle Expedition departing from Fairbanks

departing from Fairbanks

Anyone can easily have a great trip across this magnificent country with Arctic Tours from Fairbanks. As they provide local guides, who can offer insight into the region’s distinctive culture and history. For ten to twelve hours, guests on this more intimate, more minor trip may explore and learn about the Arctic tundra.

Everyone will find something unique about this trip, from photographing the stunning vistas over frozen lakes to seeing local species like moose or caribou along the route. With flexible scheduling options available from April 2022 to March 2024, Monday through Sunday, it’s now simpler than ever to turn your ideal Arctic adventure into a reality. For this journey to take place, the weather must be favorable. However, if bad weather cancels it, you’ll get a full refund or another date.

3. Seasonal three-day Northern Lights Tour in the Arctic Circle of Alaska departing from Fairbanks

Northern Lights Tour

With this fantastic three-day land and aerial tour, you can explore Alaska’s most breathtaking scenery while embarking on an incredible journey through the Arctic. The Northern Alaska Tour Company offers a journey that celebrates crossing the Arctic and makes stops along the banks of the enormous Yukon River. It even awards guests with an actual Arctic Certificate! Includes two nights at Coldfoot Camp, a warm and welcoming place to stay!

Please dress appropriately because the tour operates in cold weather. Sometimes, it is well below zero degrees due to its nature and the hope of seeing the northern lights. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take in stunning sights on your journey back to Fairbanks. Enjoying the majestic splendor of flying over the Brooks Mountain Range.

4. The seasonal Arctic Circle Winter Drive Adventure

Winter Drive Adventure

Take an Arctic Circle Winter Drive Adventure to discover Alaska’s breathtaking scenery! On this captivating excursion, you will drive via the legendary mountainous Dalton Highway and reach the Arctic. Your informed guide will provide information about the Arctic region’s history, ecology, and culture as you travel to the Arctic.

You will also witness numerous arctic sites like the Yukon River and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. They’ll also give you a certificate of Arctic Circle Adventure! Photographers will be particularly impressed with the vistas to photograph – featuring snow-capped mountains, animals, and if you are fortunate – the northern lights!

5. The Arctic Circle Drive Adventure at Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

Discover the Arctic Circle Drive Adventure from Fairbanks, Alaska, and become amazed by the Midnight Sun phenomena! This tour is the firm that started Arctic Circle Tours on Alaska’s Dalton Highway. You may reach the Arctic Circle sign at Mile Post 115 on the Dalton Highway by traveling north of Fairbanks on this route. You will discover information about Alaska’s Arctic history, folklore, and culture as you go. Savor the splendor of Alaska’s most well-known river, the Yukon River. Enjoy a lunch at Yukon River Camp (not included) and discover the history of homesteading in the Arctic from the pioneers who first established a trading station there.

6. Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle: A Full-Day Adventure


Make reservations for the 1st Alaska Tours’ Arctic Circle Full-Day Adventure from Fairbanks. On this one-day excursion, You will see some of Alaska’s most breathtaking scenery and discover more about the state’s history and culture. You will love taking a walk by the enormous Yukon River. Look out for sightings of the many animal and bird species that call this almost 2,000-mile river between Canada and Alaska home!

You will also ascend Finger Mountain on this excursion. This mountain is a sight, and the Arctic tundra is breathtakingly visible from the summit. During your day journey, you will also learn about The Trans-Alaska Pipeline. This pipeline is one of the biggest in the world, spanning 800 miles into Alaska. Your guide will provide live commentary as you examine this incredible technical achievement.

7. Circumpolar North Southbound Aurora Fly Drive Adventure

Arctic Circle

You will have a fantastic Arctic experience with this Arctic Circle Aurora Fly Drive Adventure, which leaves from Fairbanks. You will fly to Coldfoot and then have a drive along the Dalton Highway. They will get a certificate confirming your Arctic Circle Adventure after your flight from Fairbanks to Coldfoot.

After that, you’ll travel farther south on the Dalton Highway, seeing some of the planet’s most unusual scenery and passing by famous sites like the Yukon River and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. You’ll stop at Joy, Alaska, as night falls, one of the most excellent spots to see the Northern Lights. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy this natural show while gazing at a starry sky with vibrant ribbons of light. You can combine the Aurora Borealis and the Arctic Circle. Two of Alaska’s most spectacular sights into one incredible Arctic trip with Arctic Circle Tours from Fairbanks.

8. Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle and the Northern Lights

Arctic Circle

This incredible all-day excursion will undoubtedly provide a unique Arctic experience. Your local guide will accompany you from Fairbanks along the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle’s edge. As you make your way back, look out for sightings of magnificent animals like bears and moose, or, even better, get a glimpse of one of nature’s most breathtaking phenomena: the Northern Lights! You will get to view the Trans-Alaska Pipeline in addition to seeing the Yukon River and Finger Mountain.

You may even get a “Cross the Arctic Circle Certificate!” when you cross the circle. Serving as a souvenir to help you remember this incredible event for years. Complete the experience with convenient hotel pickup drop-off from the city’s leading hotels and hot beverages, sandwiches, and snacks. 

9. Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle and Northern Lights Tour

Arctic Circle

This well-liked trip offers a reliable excursion into the Alaskan wilderness to see. Some of the most breathtaking views in the natural world. Your Arctic Circle Tour will undoubtedly provide a more customized experience since it is a small-group excursion with only 8 participants. Do not pass this up!

This trip stops at Hilltop Restaurant & Marketplace. Where you may get more beverages, snacks, and meals (they have the BEST pies!). Your driver will stop at the Tolovana River and Wickersham Dome, two fantastic locations for pictures. You will travel the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to the Arctic Circle’s edge throughout your excursion. When traveling back, look out for the breathtaking Northern Lights.

10. Arctic Circle Aurora Driving Adventure

Arctic Circle

This incredible journey culminates with a valiant attempt to see the Northern Lights. While exploring the freezing tundra and experiencing life in the Arctic Circle! The first part of the trip is a journey up the Dalton Highway, where you can see the Trans Alaska Pipeline up close. There will be stops at the Arctic Circle sign and the Yukon River bridge.

On your way home, You will reach Joy, Alaska, and stop at the Arctic Circle Trading Post. Indulge in complimentary hot beverages while browsing goods and learning more about the history and culture of Alaska. Then, if luck holds out, it’s time to take in the splendor of the Arctic sky! Be astounded by the bright northern lights when you meet your aurora guide. You will also get an Arctic Circle Adventure Certificate as a memento of your voyage.


Starting from Fairbanks, Alaska, some of the most amazing excursions of the Arctic Circle provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. These trips offer a unique chance to investigate the Arctic environment while learning about the history and culture of the area. Local guides ensure visitors have a wonderful and safe trip, particularly important on Alaska’s treacherous gravel roads. The original Fairbanks Arctic Circle Drive, a spectacular 16-hour ride through the well-known Dalton Highway that offers scenic vistas and glimpses of rural Alaskan life, is one of the best Arctic Circle adventures.

An additional choice is the annual Arctic Circle Expedition, which provides flexible scheduling, animal encounters, and a closer look at the Arctic landscape. The seasonal three-day Northern Lights Tour offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in the Arctic, which includes crossing the Arctic Circle and seeing the Northern Lights for those looking for a longer journey. The Arctic Circle Drive Adventure at Midnight Sun and the Arctic Circle Winter Drive Adventure provide fascinating winter experiences with their particular features, breathtaking landscapes, and knowledgeable guides. The Arctic Circle Full-Day Adventure from Fairbanks thoroughly explores Alaska’s fantastic history and scenery for a full day of adventure.


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