Porto Day Trip From Lisbon


Do you want to know if you can go from Lisbon to Porto in a single day? Prepare yourself by reading everything you need to make this fantastic day trip happen.

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Lisbon To Porto In One Day: Your Travel Guide 2023

Two of Portugal’s most exquisite cities, Lisbon and Porto, have unique qualities and draws. However, if you have a day to spare while in Lisbon, how about visiting Porto?

One of Europe’s oldest cities, Porto boasts a vibrant past and present. This lovely city in the north of the nation has a lot to offer, including breathtaking views of the Douro River and a quaint medieval center.

It is also renowned for its breathtaking beauty, architecture, and wine. A day trip to Porto is a fantastic option to see this lovely city without spending much time away from Lisbon. Additionally, it’s a chance to see a distinct aspect of Portugal.

I’ll go over the benefits of taking a day trip from Lisbon to Porto in this blog post, along with what to do and how to make the most of your time there.


Yes, without a doubt! While it might seem a bit far to travel for a day excursion, it is feasible and a fantastic way to explore Portugal from a fresh perspective.

You may have a fantastic day taking in the stunning sites and attractions of the city with a bit of planning and time management. It will be a long day, but the trip to Porto from Lisbon takes roughly three hours, depending on your means of transportation.

Stay one or two nights in Porto because it’s such a cool town. However, if time is of the essence, a day trip from Lisbon will be your best bet.



Yes, once again! It will undoubtedly be worthwhile for you, as I already stated. With its picturesque old center and breathtaking vistas of the Douro River, Porto is a magnificent city in the north of the nation.

Here are some explanations for why you ought to think about visiting Porto for the day:

Gorgeous Scenery: One of Portugal’s most picturesque rail journeys is from Lisbon to Porto. You’ll travel through little towns, wineries, and rolling hills until you get to Porto. Upon arrival, the Douro River and the vibrant Ribeira homes will be your first sight.

Rich History: Porto has a long and illustrious past that begins in the Roman era. Its historic center, home to the Porto Cathedral and São Bento Train Station, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning buildings.

Delectable Wine and Food: Porto is well-known throughout Portugal for its excellent wine and food. Visiting Porto by sampling the region’s renowned port wine would only be possible. There are also several regional cuisines, such as seafood meals and the Francesinha sandwich.

A day excursion from Lisbon to Porto offers you the best of both worlds and is a fantastic way to see a different aspect of Portugal!

Travel Guide: Lisbon to Porto Day Trip

Lisbon to Porto Day Trip

Porto is accessible in several ways and is 313 kilometers north of Lisbon. Rome2Rio is a handy software for organizing travel to other nations.

It provides information on the precise train or bus to take, an estimate of the cost, and how long it will take you to reach your location. Additionally, you can enter your site, which is helpful if you need instructions from your lodging.


One easy and beautiful method to get from Lisbon to Porto is by rail, which offers breathtaking views of the Portuguese countryside as you go. There are a few possibilities when choosing which train to take; in general, the more expensive the train, the faster it is.

The fastest way to go to Porto is via express train, which takes around two hours and forty minutes and costs about €31.70 for an adult traveling alone. Alternatively, you can pay about €25 for a longer train with more stops, but I believe the express train is a better option if you only have one day.

Even though it only takes an extra thirty minutes, you will lose an additional hour of exploring or resting. You can purchase your rail tickets at the train station or online in advance.

You can save a few euros by purchasing a return ticket. When demand is at its highest, tickets may sell out, so buy online in advance.



From Lisbon to Porto, bus travel is an additional convenient and effective way to get there. Depending on the bus you select, the trip can take three and a half to four hours. Rene Expressos is the primary bus company that runs this route.

Their buses are clean and well-maintained, and adult tickets cost only €20, making it a reasonably priced option.

Taking the bus was my preferred method of transportation between Lisbon and Porto, primarily due to my limited budget during my full-time travels, which required me to make every dollar go as far as possible!

Purchasing bus tickets up to 30 days in advance, online or at the bus station, is possible. Since several buses operate, you won’t have to worry about every seat filling up as you would on a train.



You can rent a car and go from Lisbon to Porto if you would rather drive. There are multiple vehicle rental businesses in Lisbon, and the trip takes slightly over three hours (or longer, depending on traffic).

But remember that Porto’s congested streets and small lanes might make driving difficult. There are, moreover, potentially costly road tolls.


If you’d rather not worry about making the journey from point A to point B and back, an organized trip to Porto from Lisbon can be a suitable fit. Most tour operators will come to your lodging and provide a personalized tour.

It might be a terrific opportunity for you and some buddies to tour the city—plus, you get to split the cost—if some even let you choose the schedule. A tour guide who will provide you with an overview of the city’s history and culture is another bonus you will receive.

Things to Do and See in Porto

Making the most of your day in Porto requires early schedule planning. Prioritize your list of must-see sites and attractions according to your time limits and areas of interest.

You may anticipate seeing Porto’s most notable landmarks, learning about its distinct culture, and sipping some well-known port wine. Along the way, you’ll undoubtedly run across friendly residents who will help you make lasting experiences and take in the lively vibe of the city.



Make sure to visit the Ribeira neighborhood first thing in the morning. One of Porto’s most charming neighborhoods is The Ribeira, the city’s center.

This location has UNESCO World Heritage status within the Douro River’s banks. It is among the city’s oldest neighborhoods.

Not only can you stroll down the colorful streets and take in the stunning river views, but if you haven’t had breakfast yet, you can eat at any of the many cafés or restaurants.

If not, you may sip coffee or Port wine at one of the several cafés while admiring the breathtaking views of the Douro River. It’s a terrific spot to return for lunch as well.



Next, go to one of the city’s most significant and recognizable monuments, the Porto Cathedral (also called the Se Cathedral). The upper region of Porto is home to this officially designated National Monument.

Built in the twelfth century, the structure combines Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque architectural elements. It has undergone several modifications to become the stunning structure it is today.

There is also a lovely cloister within the church. Beautiful Portuguese tiles called azulejos, some of which feature biblical themes, adorn the interior. Admire breathtaking views of the city and the Douro River from the plaza where the cathedral is located. It’s a lovely spot to unwind and take in the scenery, a peaceful haven in the middle of the city.

Everyone interested in religion, history, or architecture must see the Porto Cathedral. This stunning and engaging site provides a window into the city’s rich history.


After seeing the church, go to another must-see sight in Porto: São Bento Train Station. If your train has arrived at this station, you may have already seen it, but if not, it’s worth a visit.

Built-in the early 20th century, this historic station is renowned for its gorgeous tile panels adorn the main hall’s walls. The tiles show several historical scenes from Portugal.

Tourists might linger sometimes, taking in the fine details of the tiles and the station’s architecture, which includes an elaborate front and a giant clock.

In addition to being a center for rail travel in the area, the station allows you to see trains arriving and departing while you take in the artwork. It’s a beautiful location to get breathtaking images and take in the distinctive architecture.

4. Examine the Hello Bookstore

 Hello Bookstore

One of the most exquisite bookshops on the planet, Lello Bookstore is a must-see location in Porto. Bookworms won’t want to miss it for sure!

Known for its exquisite Art Nouveau building with elaborate woodwork and a magnificent central staircase, the bookshop opened in 1906. In addition to perusing the remarkable book collection, Lello’s interior design is a significant draw for many tourists.

Going early in the morning or in the off-season is advisable to avoid large lines.


In Porto, the Clérigos Tower is one of the most recognizable monuments. With its 76 meters of height, this tower provides breathtaking sweeping views of the city and its environs. Completed in the Baroque style in the eighteenth century, the Clérigos Church included the building.

It takes 200 stairs to get to the top of the tower, but the effort is well worth it. The Douro River and the red roofs of Porto’s historic center are visible from the tower’s observation deck.

For everyone visiting Porto, the Clérigos Tower is a must-see site and a great place to take pictures. It’s a great place to appreciate the city’s beauty and snap some fantastic images.


Situated in Porto’s Boavista neighborhood is Casa da Música, a contemporary music venue. Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas created this magnificent structure, a must-see for admirers of modern architecture.

In addition to housing the Porto National Orchestra, the facility offers a plethora of performances and activities all year round. The inside of Casa da Música is as spectacular as its appearance, with many smaller rooms and a large performance hall that is acoustically ideal.

A visit to Casa da Música is bound to astonish and inspire everyone, regardless of their interest in architecture or music. When revisiting Porto, take advantage of the chance to see this magnificent cultural treasure.


The Serralves Museum, a modern art museum set in a stunning Art Deco structure with gardens around it, is a must-see for art enthusiasts in the city.

A vast variety of paintings by Portuguese and foreign artists are on display at the museum. The contemporary architecture of the structure contrasts sharply with the park’s natural beauty, making it a piece of art in and of itself.

The museum is vibrant and exciting for visitors since it regularly holds exhibits and activities. When visiting Porto, take advantage of the chance to tour the Serralves Museum and get a firsthand look at contemporary art.


Taylors Port Vine

Last but not least, a trip to one of Porto’s many port wine cellars is a must for every visitor. Several cellars are just over the Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia, coming from the Porto

neighborhood. Graham’s Port Lodge, Porto Augusto, and Taylor’s Port are a few well-known examples.

Fruit of the region’s vines is Port wine, a sweet fortified wine that has spent years maturing in oak barrels. Along the Douro River are several Port wine cellars that provide tours and tastings. It is possible to sample some of the best wines and discover the background of Port wine.

A delightful way to spend a day, it offers a glimpse into Porto’s opulent wine culture. To sample this unusual and delectable beverage, stop by one of the cellars while you’re here.


A day excursion from Lisbon to Porto offers an enthralling exploration of Portuguese history and culture. Porto’s charming riverside city and Lisbon’s energetic metropolis provide different but complementary experiences. Whether traveling by scenic drive or high-speed rail, the journey itself is an experience with breathtaking scenery.

Once in Porto, tourists may stroll through the charming Ribeira neighborhood, discover the centuries-old port wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, and savor delicious Portuguese food beside the Douro River. This day excursion captures the spirit of Portugal, offering a peek at Porto’s romantic charm and vibrant city. We’ll walk you through the highlights and practicalities of this excursion to ensure your day trip from Lisbon to Porto is enjoyable and enlightening.


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