Best Places to Live in Tennessee: Top Locations for a Great Life


In the southern part of the country sits Tennessee, often known as the “Volunteer State,” a thriving and diversified state. With its vibrant cities and breathtaking natural settings. And rich cultural legacy, Tennessee has much to offer anybody looking for the perfect location to call home. Tennessee has enough to show everyone, whether your preference is for the quiet of the countryside or the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Nashville, the state capital, is a top choice for those who want to experience the vibrancy of a busy metropolis. Nicknamed “Music City,” Nashville is a bustling culture center with a robust employment market that includes a developing tech sector, various jobs, and a flourishing music scene. The city’s neighborhoods appeal to diverse preferences and lifestyles by combining contemporary conveniences with historic beauty.

Conversely, East Tennessee’s undulating hills and gorgeous scenery include towns like Knoxville and Chattanooga. Provide the perfect backdrop for those seeking a slower pace of life. Compared to other major metropolitan regions, these communities offer a mix of cultural attractions. Outdoor recreational opportunities and a more affordable cost of living.

Memphis, known for its blues music and BBQ, offers a distinct and energetic neighborhood with a rich cultural legacy for visitors looking for the ultimate Southern experience.

Beyond these well-known cities, Tennessee’s rural and small villages provide a feeling of simpler living, natural beauty, and close-knit communities.

The ideal area to reside in this varied state ultimately comes down to your goals and personal tastes. Whether you prefer the serene countryside, a warm place in Tennessee can be your perfect home. The vibrant metropolitan landscape, or something else entirely.

10 Best Places to Live in Tennessee, According to Real Estate Experts


Tennessee is one of the states expanding quickly because of its robust employment market. Excellent opportunities for entertainment and leisure, and reasonably priced housing. Tennessee is a great place to go because of its gorgeous tiny towns, excellent eating and music scenes, most famous national park in the country, and excellent whisky distilleries. However, Tennessee is already among the top 10 states in the nation for quickest growth. An increasing number of individuals consider the Volunteer State a potential place to call home because of its family-friendly cities. Good healthcare facilities, low cost of living, and accessible housing. Plenty of jobs are also available; Tennessee’s economy grew at the second-fastest rate in the US last year. From knowledgeable real estate brokers, these are ten of Tennessee’s most incredible locations to call home.

1- Nashville


Nashville, the home of country music, is a well-liked tourist destination. Still, it’s also a terrific place to call home for individuals wishing to migrate, mainly if top-notch dining options, world-class entertainment, reasonably priced real estate, and plenty of job prospects are on your list of priorities. Nashville is also a fantastic location to invest, with a median house worth $420,000 and a real estate market. That generally weathers economic downturns better than elsewhere.

According to Jenny Telwar of Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty, “The Nashville/Middle Tennessee region offers possibilities for any budget, with homes ranging in price from $300,000 to $8 million.”

 WeHo, or Wedgewood-Houston, is a neighborhood south of the downtown region. According to Happy Fulk, an agent with Parks Realty/Luxury Portfolio International, that is the most sought-after in the city. In addition, Fulk suggests Forest Hills, Belle Meade, Oak Hill, and Green Hills.

2- Chattanooga


Chattanooga has a visually appealing landscape with the Appalachian Mountains in the distance and situated by the Tennessee River. With a population of around 183,000, the mid-size metropolis combines all the modern conveniences of a big city with the relaxed atmosphere of a small town. Families will love the Tennessee Aquarium and the Creative Discovery Museum; many water sports and a Minor League Baseball club are nearby.

“The real estate agent Lizzer Graham, born and raised in Chattanooga, said, “Chattanooga is the place to be if you love history, culture, scenic beauty, adventure, and fun in a family-friendly setting.”  “Chattanooga’s neighborhoods are just as diverse and amazing as the city itself.”

If you want to be able to stroll to all of the restaurants and businesses in the city, downtown Chattanooga is a terrific option. Condos in this location provide stunning views of the river. Another lively neighborhood with unique stores and cafés is North Shore, which is also the location of one of the world’s longest pedestrian bridges. Additionally, Hixson is a fantastic choice for families since it has a lot of parks and green areas perfect for canoeing, riding, and hiking.

3- Knoxville


The third-largest city in Tennessee is a natural attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. It is just 30 miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and surrounded by conveniently accessible lakes. Knoxville, the site of the University of Tennessee, is also home to 25,000 college students. You get a bustling city with abundant sporting and cultural events throughout the year when you combine it with an increasing number of young professionals. 

Claudia Stallings, chief operating officer of Wallace Real Estate/Luxury Portfolio International, says, “From a housing perspective, the area offers a variety of options. Ranging from modest homes and downtown condos to expansive lakefront properties and large yards.” Additionally, property taxes in the area are very inexpensive. Houses typically have a median value of $325,000.

Additionally, Diana Traylor, principal broker at Crye-Leike Realtors, advises potential migrants to check out the communities of Powell, West Knoxville, Halls, Hardin Valley, and Karns.

4- Hendersonville


Water activities abound in Hendersonville, a town of 63,000 people between the Cumberland River and Old Hickory Lake. The town’s eleven parks, bike routes, tennis courts, and tee-ball fields. These are just a few other reasons residents spend so much time outside. 

“You don’t have to be famous to live here. But many famous people do,” said Jayne Coleman, a Parks Real Estate/Luxury Portfolio International broker. In addition, she noted that fewer properties in the $358,000–$500,000 range are available now than they were a year ago. They often remain on the market longer, allowing prospective buyers more time to make an offer.

5- Murfreesboro


Ronda Hawkins is a Murfreesboro resident and broker with Parks Real Estate/Luxury Portfolio International. She refers to her hometown as “the secret of Tennessee.” Murfreesboro benefits from several big-city amenities due to its proximity to Nashville (approximately 30 miles distant), such as an international airport, sizable event spaces, and medical facilities. But the cost of real estate is far lower here.

“We do have inventory, which is great news for homebuyers,” Hawkins said. There is a lot of new building on the west side, which allows purchasers to choose the fixtures and finishes. In contrast to other parts of middle Tennessee. Thanks to excellent entry-level price points, you may purchase a new house for between $350,000 and $450,000.”

Shelton Square, Breckenridge, and Riverview are a few of the most desirable neighborhoods in Murfreesboro.

6- Franklin


Franklin, the fifth fastest-growing city in Tennessee, is home to over 40% more people than ten years ago.

Zeitlin Sotheby’s International Realty’s Charlie Neese says, “The Franklin area is the epitome of town and country.” “The downtown area is vivacious and beautifully restored, preserving the historic charm of the area.”

Along with the lovely Harpeth River, Franklin boasts several parks where locals enjoy swimming, fishing, and kayaking. Carrie Underwood likes the picturesque town.

 However, you don’t have to be well-off to buy a home here.

Neese continued, “In Franklin, condos and townhomes start in the $300,000s.” Notable neighborhoods in the area are Ladd Park and Westhaven.

7- Memphis


Memphis has several work opportunities, notably in the healthcare sector and top-notch educational institutions, sports venues, and teams. This area’s cost of living is less than the national and state averages. It’s challenging to find an excuse not to live here when you include the hundreds of miles of hiking and bike trails and the vibrant music scene.

According to a Crye-Leike Realtors/Luxury Portfolio International broker, Mickey McLellan, “Memphis offers a significant value in owning a home.” You should check out Chickasaw Gardens, Belle Meade, Kirby Woods, The Cloisters, and Normandy Park. They have the lowest typical home prices of any place on our list, at about $148,000.

8- Collierville


Around 52,000 people call Collierville home, a delightful small town with big-city advantages and only 30 minutes from Memphis. This region has much history to learn about because it attracted Native Americans and European settlers due to its abundant natural resources. Collierville’s community spirit and laid-back lifestyle are essential draws for families, as is its school system. It also helps if the housing market is steady.

Everybody can find a neighborhood that suits them in the diverse community of Collierville. According to Kay Paul of Crye-Leike Realtors/Luxury Portfolio International. New construction prices start at over $600,000, with the average sales price being $528,464.

9- Johnson City


Northeastern Tennessee’s Johnson City is a quaint mountain hamlet located in the Appalachian Mountains’ foothills. 

Several lakes and rivers are also only a short drive away. Additionally, Nashville, Atlanta, Asheville, and Charlotte are less than 300 miles away if you seek extended weekend getaways.

“Demand has skyrocketed due to our beautiful town’s desirability,” stated Greg Cox, broker and owner of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Greg Cox Real Estate. “Every day, quality listings come onto the market, and the intense competition has subsided to lessen the anxiety associated with the process.”

Furthermore, even if the median home value has risen by nearly 9% from the previous year, it is still less than $250,000.

10- Clarksville


Situated on the Kentucky border, this community has experienced remarkable expansion in the last ten years and is only forty minutes away from Nashville. Clarksville is a picturesque place where nature reigns supreme. It is home to Dunbar Cave State Park, a 144-acre protected area with hiking trails, a wealth of animals, prehistoric cave art, and the gurgling Cumberland River. The city’s downtown is experiencing a significant renovation, including adding luxury homes and mixed-use retail areas.

Crye-Leike Realtors/Luxury Portfolio International’s Eddie Ferrell said, “Besides having convenient access to Nashville, excellent schools, and a burgeoning healthcare community, purchasers can locate residences in nearly all price categories.”

Finding your ideal house in Clarksville requires selecting a realtor familiar with the area’s neighborhoods and lifestyles. Some of the most sought-after locations are Woodlawn, Sango, Cunningham, and downtown. Around town, the typical home value is $289,835.


To sum up, Tennessee provides many choices that accommodate diverse lifestyles and tastes for individuals looking for the ideal spot to call home. This state has enough to offer everyone, whether your interests lie in the energetic metropolitan life of Nashville. The breathtaking scenery of East Tennessee’s undulating hills. The diverse culture of Memphis, or the tight-knit communities of smaller towns and rural areas. Tennessee is desirable for people from all walks of life because of its rich cultural legacy—reasonable cost of living and various employment options.

The ideal location to reside in Tennessee will ultimately rely on your preferences and what matters most to you in a community. Explore the various areas at your leisure, consider things like employment prospects, educational options, cost of living, and recreational opportunities, and fully immerse yourself in the distinctive local culture. Tennessee is ready to greet you and assist you in finding the ideal spot to call home with its friendly Southern hospitality and abundance of options.


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