Candlelight Sonata: Elevate Your Evening with Concerts in NYC


Visit Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Nolita for a unique tour of its medieval catacombs—a must-do activity for locals and visitors. Previously off-limits to the general public, this underground area is now open for exploration by candlelight for anyone with the audacity. Situated in Nolita at 266 Mulberry Street between Prince and Houston Streets, the Basilica of Saint Patrick’s Old Cathedral, also known as Old St. Patrick’s, is slightly over 200 years old and has experienced many changes.

If you haven’t already, you should visit this magnificent cathedral; a $15 million makeover that includes the restoration of its historic Henry Erben Organ will leave you in awe. But the most insightful portion of your tower tour will be when you go into the chilly crypts by candlelight, much as they would have been in 1815 when it was constructed.

Are You Daring Enough To Take A Candlelit Tour Through Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral’s Catacombs?

This trip takes an 80-minute walk through the city’s history, which was once locked off and forgotten, under a famous New York City monument. This extraordinary Catacombs by Candlelight tour sheds attention on the accomplishments and challenges experienced by New York’s historic Catholic citizens and the last resting place of noteworthy New Yorkers.

If you’re visiting the city, the Catacombs by Candlelight tour must be at the top of your itinerary since it has gained much popularity since it began. Here are some reviews of the experience in case you’re still not convinced:

The trip itself was fantastic, and the tour guide was even better. I suggest!

It was an excellent encounter! Discovered a great deal about New York in the 1800s. Dan was a fantastic tour guide who made the whole trip even better.

Leo made an excellent tour guide! I significantly understood New York’s history, which was entertaining the whole time! I suggest!

All ages are welcome to Catacombs by Candlelight, with admission starting at $37 for adults and $32 for seniors and children. Every tour lasts eighty minutes, and visitors are urged to arrive for check-in fifteen minutes early.

This Residential House In Queens Is Transformed Into An Epic Halloween Haunt:

For the best Halloween fright, visit this quiet Queens neighborhood in Hollis! Tickets are now available for A Haunting in Hollis, located at 21117 Hollis Ave., and turn a real house into a terrifying attraction every October.

This home labyrinth has three stories of terror, including a basement. Over twenty horrific actors play goblins, creepers, and other characters who are just waiting to leap out and frighten you!

According to legend, Mrs. B, a family acquaintance, met a grisly end in the laundry room. Some children in the family were curious about what was inside the ancient, worn trunk she had left behind. They discovered something that caught them off guard and ultimately alarmed them!

If you believe being inside is nerve-wracking, you haven’t seen the outside world! There are two completely dark labyrinths full of pursuing undead. All you receive for your escape is a flashlight. All that Walking Dead viewing will come in helpful!

Using a laser rifle to battle zombies will cost extra, but it’s a tiny amount to pay to destroy rotters! Children ten years old and older are suitable for this event. The secret ingredient is peanut butter for everyone who wants to avoid being terrified, sought after, or frightened!

These Gorgeous Candlelight Concerts Are Enchanting NYC:


Listening to classical music by candlelight seems like the perfect getaway from the never-ending metropolis. Check out all the upcoming Candlelight events here.

The Candlelight series of live music events allows everyone to enjoy interpretations of great music, ranging from jazz, soul, and classical to modern standards, all under the gentle glow of hundreds of candles. Events honoring the greatest of Bollywood, Rihanna, video games, and so much more take place in charming settings at some of NYC’s most gorgeous venues.

Several captivating candlelit events are happening at various locations, including the 174-year-old St. Ann and the Holy Trinity in Brooklyn Heights, the stunning Church of the Heavenly Rest on the Upper East Side, the Williamsburg Hotel, the Opera House, and The Sheen Center.

Featured Candlelight Concerts in NYC:

New Candlelight Programs:

Candlelight offers a variety of new tributes this season, so fans of all genres may choose what they want. Take a nighttime trip to Havana at Irondale, recreate your best moments from action-packed video games, listen to R&B classics by Rihanna, dance to the carefree reggaeton of Bad Bunny, and much more. 

A Tribute to Taylor Swift at St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church:

As Taylor is enthralling crowds with her Eras Tour. Swifties can hear her biggest chart-topping tunes in a new way thanks to the Candlelight series. At St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, you may “shake it off” while listening to classical versions of songs like “Cardigan,” “Love Story,” and “You Belong With Me.” Enjoy a musical journey through some of Miss Americana’s most memorable periods of creative reinvention during this intimate event. Which will take place while candlelight shimmers over the gorgeous stained glass windows.

The Best of Bollywood at The Sheen Center:

Movie soundtracks enhance the emotional impact of a film and are a crucial part of storytelling. However, Bollywood movies, in particular, can evoke powerful emotions in people due to their intense scores, epic storylines, charismatic protagonists, and expertly choreographed dances. This summer, Candlelight will bring the magic of Bollywood to NYC.

Located on the historic Bleecker Street, The Sheen Center will get a musical glow as Divisi Amp’d String Quartet takes to the stage to perform classical renditions of iconic scores like “Jai Ho,” “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham” and “Jashn-E-Bahara.” It’ll make for an unbelievable evening you won’t want to miss out on.

The Best of Zelda at The Opera House:

You don’t have to be a Zerd to appreciate the iconic music from The Legend of Zelda. The famous Japanese composer Koji Kondo, known for his work in various Nintendo games, including Super Mario, composed different music pieces for other scenes and characters so that the players would immediately orientate themselves within the game. His playful and fantastical melodies will come to life at the culturally significant Opera House in an otherworldly evening of classical music. Listen to Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time, and more, and relive your favorite moments from the epic video game.

60 Spectacular Ways To Spend September In NYC:


Time to ring in all things autumn, from apple picking to the Feast of San Gennaro and other September NYC traditions!

September in New York is arguably the best month of the year–it’s still warm, of course. But with the fall quickly approaching, the possibilities for outdoor activities are endless!

And, as always, we’re not leaving you hanging with the plans. Here are some of the most sensational things to do in NYC this September:

1. Make the most of the remaining summer weather at the beach:

Whether you want to soak up the sun at the famous city beaches or explore the hidden ones no one knows about. There are many beaches to cool off at in NYC. Please find the best ones here before fall weather is upon us!

2. Escape into a whimsical paradise at Wonderland Dreams:

The 26,000 square foot, hand-painted, immersive display by Alexa Meade that brings Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to life will tempt you to go down the rabbit hole! As you wander around 20 art rooms and refuel with delectable small plates and beverages at the wine bar and café with a narrative theme, you will become the subject of several artworks.

3. Catch NYC’s thought-provoking new play, Swing State, here for a limited run:

Can you picture a little Wisconsin town being wholly upended and altered due to a…lost toolbox? When Peg, a recent widow, discovers her late husband’s item is gone, she phones the police. She is unaware that the consequences of her call to the police would shake the community to its core. Swing State is performing at the Minetta Lane Theatre for seven weeks. Please buy your tickets now to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to watch it!

4. Head to the Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze:

For those who like pumpkin carving and all things Halloween, the incredible Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze will surely delight you. The Hudson Valley and Long Island are the locations of the event! It has more than 7,000 lit pumpkins meticulously carved with different patterns to create dazzling masterpieces—the season of 2023 starts on September 15th. Find out here how to get your tickets.

5. Celebrate the Feast of San Gennaro:


The feast of feasts in NYC is returning! Every year, Little Italy is engulfed in the Feast of San Gennaro for eleven days. The particular celebration will celebrate its 97th year this year. The street festival will return on Thursday, September 14, and run through September 24 in Italian splendor. This year, you’ll join the cannoli-eating competition!


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