Dead Sea: A Complete Guide with Tips for Your Visit


My main trip priority was to float in the Dead Sea. I had repeatedly fantasized about what it would be like to flow freely in the water, letting it quickly lift me to the surface. 

Dead Sea

The rest of the group took off quickly with big grins once I arrived at the Dead Sea. Some people have even started putting mud on their faces! I move carefully toward the water

People have told me that the water burns and hurts your eyes. Since the European beaches are not particularly warm, I start by feeling the ground with my foot. The water is not friendly or frigid.

I begin to stroll into the water. With the absence of sand and only gravel present, I cautiously move towards the water’s edge, enter it, and experience a sudden propulsion back up to the surface.

You don’t have to be as cautious as I was, but you should keep a few things in mind so that your time spent floating in the Water is as enjoyable as possible since you can’t stay in the water for an extended period at once.

This page covers all the do’s and don’ts of floating in the Dead Sea, from your waxing or shaving every day to the list of items to bring

Read further to understand all the essential details.

Floating on the Dead Sea – all info

No matter when you decide to go floating in the Dead Sea, your trip is going to be enjoyable. Tourists flock to this location all year long, and the weather can be perfect for this activity. 

Of course, entering during the summer months of July and August can be pretty hot, so many people avoid going there then. Even though it may feel cold during the winter, diving in the sea is still safe.

But apart from that, here is an in-depth account of each season for floating in the Dead Sea.


The Dead Sea in the fall -The most excellent time to visit it is in the fall, from September through November. Many people visit the Dead Sea on the Israel side during Sukkot, the Jewish New Year, and Rosh Hashanah each year because of the celebrations and other events. Until the end of October, the weather is perfect for floating in the Dead.

Sea; after that, the mercury begins to fall. However, it is still not so cold, so you may plan your November trip to the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea in winter – December through February belongs to the winter season. Even if the temperatures begin to drop in November, many tourists worldwide still choose the winter to float in the sea. 

The Dead Sea looks to be a welcome vacation for people who long for warmer weather in these months when snowfall is typical in many parts of the world.

The Dead Sea in Spring – Many people commonly acknowledge the period from March to May as spring. The odds of rain are as low as possible, the weather is mild, and costs for hotels are lower than they would be in the fall. 

Therefore, the best time to visit the Dead Sea is definitely in March, April, and May.

The Dead Sea in summer -June through August belongs to the summer months. The humidity and heat of the day during this time of year can make floating in the sea hard. 

However, please do not allow these factors to stop you from traveling because summer comes with fewer tourists and lower hotel rates. If you’re familiar with higher temperatures, opting for summer travel can be a favorable decision.

Best places to stay near the Dead Sea

Best Place To Stay Near Dead Sea

There are several Dead Sea resorts to select from, ranging from luxurious resorts to cheap ones. 

The nearby regions offer various hotels to suit everyone’s budgets and attract families and solo travelers. 

So, here are a few of the suggestions that people often provide:

Dead Sea Marriott Resort & Spa – This on-the-beach hotel and spa close to the Dead Sea has everything you might desire from an enjoyable vacation. 

The Dead Sea Hotel will spoil you with five pools and two restaurants. You can also go floating in it because it is close and only a few minutes away. 

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea – This five-star hotel is famous for having a private beach area and a spa where you can get sea mud and sea salt treatments. 

Its location is near the Dead Sea. Visitors to the beach will have an enjoyable visit thanks to services, including an airport shuttle and family changes.

What does floating in the Dead Sea feel like?

Upon your initial entry into the water, you’ll experience a sensation of your feet and legs being lifted. As you continue moving into deeper waters, you’ll observe your body becoming lighter and more buoyant. Relax and allow your body to float in it.

This relaxing experience lets your body rest and relieves your stress. The only thing you can do is relax and float in the Dead Sea. We advise you to bring a book or newspaper, relax, and enjoy the view as you are unable to swim or dive due to floating and salt.

Why do people float in the Dead Sea?

More salt is present in the water of the Dead Sea than in any other body of water on Earth.

The salt concentration reaches a level of 34%.

The water is thicker than ordinary freshwater due to the unusually high concentration of salts in it. Our body is floating more in the Dead Sea, making it more straightforward to flow since the weight of our body is lighter (less dense) than the water’s density.

Consider this: Our bodies sink rather than float in freshwater. In the ocean, we begin to sense buoyancy and begin to flow a little bit. In the sea, however, the water is so thick that you float effortlessly to the point that it is hard to keep up.

Recommendations for the Dead Sea floating

Do not jump into the water.

Don’t immerse your face or head in the water.

If you have open wounds, stay away from the water (remember not to wax or shave that day).

Please be aware that the information above is only a suggestion. Visitors should always bathe when lifeguards are on duty and at approved sea beaches.

As you would in any other body of water, always use care while resting in the sea. Never let kids enter the water alone; always have an adult nearby.

Although the Dead Sea has much to offer, a unique floating experience is only one of them.

Elevated salinity brings an incredible mineral content, is extensively utilized in the cosmetic and beauty industries, and has demonstrated efficacy in treating numerous skin ailments. The Dead Sea area is a well-known spa area that you must check off your bucket list because of all these outstanding natural features and the luxurious hotels that line the beach.

Things to keep in mind before floating in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea

If feasible, wait a few days before shaving (any body region). It will hurt horribly and, in some instances, swell as well! 

Wrap any scrapes and bruises neatly to prevent the water from contacting them. It will burn badly if not.

It is OK to stop using sunscreen. In all the excitement, don’t worry if you forgot sunscreen. Due to its distance from the sun and location as the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea has lower UV levels. Therefore, exposure may last longer without causing wounds.


In Israel, there are toilets close to the beaches (and they are clean). There are various changing areas depending on where you want to enter the Dead Sea. The rooms were clean while we visited the area around Kalia Beach. At lunchtime, there were few people around. However, holidays can differ, so plan for longer wait times.


There are only a few bathrooms on the Jordanian side since most places are near resorts.

In Israel, there are lockers close to the beach. These lockers safeguard all your belongings, and although the manuals are in Hebrew, the lockers also incorporate a card system. The cost is approximately ten NIS.

According to the beach you choose to visit, you may have to pay an entry charge (if you aren’t staying at one of the hotels close to the Sea) of about 50 NIS. If you want to visit a beach other than the one close to where you’re staying, ask your hotel for discount coupons.

In both nations, wearing a bikini is legal. In conservative nations, I never wear one, but that’s just me. Bikinis are acceptable attire.

Though travelers know they are being followed, this is only sometimes the case.

Put on an outdated or black swimming suit. The muck is challenging to remove and will stain a light in a color swimming suit.


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