12 Must-Do Vermont Winter Activities: Skiing, Cabins, and More!

Winter Activities

Embrace the season with thrilling Vermont winter activities. When entering Vermont during winter, the lovely trees wrapped in snow are the first thing you see. These appear as small art pieces, ready for everyone to enjoy when they shine in the endless sky! Once inside, one fragrance quickly overtakes your senses: wood smoke originates from fireplaces and steam pipes that heat houses in the winter. During this season, snowfall covers the whole state, including the mountains and lowlands, equally, making it a perfect vacation spot for skiers or those who wish they were here to spend some quiet time by tossing a snowball on their front porch! There are many activities you and your family or friends can do outside to take advantage of all Vermont has to offer, from skiing on one of Vermont’s Backcountry tracks to snowshoeing in the nature reserves.

Check out this list of activities and destinations if you still need to convince yourself that winter is the best time to visit Vermont. In Vermont, during the winter, you could discover the ideal activity for you!

Go Horse Riding In Vermont:

Horse Riding

Horseback riding may seem like a summer hobby, but it is possible to ride in Vermont, even in winter. Horseback riding is one of Vermont’s most enchanted wintertime sports and an excellent opportunity to discover some of the state’s most beautiful snow-covered routes.

Expect to see snow-covered mountains, bubbling streams, and woods covered with thick white boughs—a wonderfully stunning scene. Vermont is a terrific spot to check out horseback riding, whether you’re an expert rider or a total novice.

Hit The Ski Slopes In Vermont:

Slopes In Vermont

The most well-liked wintertime activities in Vermont include cross-country and downhill skiing. Vermont is a terrific location for skiers and snowboarders, with slopes for all skill levels, immaculate white powder, and beautiful landscapes. Although Stowe and Sugarbush are the most well-known resorts. And you may also visit some less crowded resorts that locals like, such as Okemo Mountain and Jay Peak. 

Try Out Fat Biking:

Try Out Fat Biking

Considered the two-wheeled version of snowshoeing, fat biking is the newest winter fad in the USA. This entertaining activity entails mountain riding on a bike with thick tires that don’t sink into the snow.

It offers excellent exercise and a fantastic opportunity to explore the snow-covered vistas of winter Vermont. One of the best winter activities in Vermont is fat riding if you’re sick of the slopes and looking for something a bit different.

Take A Winter Hike:

A Winter Hike

Another must-do winter activity in Vermont is to go out on a path for a traditional winter trek amid the region’s picture-perfect icy landscape. Vermont has many ways you can easily use. Most are great for snowshoes or microspikes, but if the snow isn’t too deep, you can also walk on some of them with regular boots.

You’ll have many trail options with over 55 state parks! If you’re looking for a challenge, check out Spruce Mountain’s climb or the Clarendon Loop, where you can witness the incredible ice sculptures in Clarendon Gorge

Take A Sleigh Ride:

A Sleigh Ride

Why not relax and see the state from the back of a horse-drawn sleigh if you’re searching for something more leisurely? One of the most romantic things to do in Vermont during the winter this is an excellent opportunity to take in the surroundings. 

In the winter, several nearby farms provide sleigh excursions with customized paths that take you to the most incredible vantage spots. This is one of Vermont’s most well-liked winter activities for couples and families, so don’t pass it up!

Go Ice Skating:

Ice Skating

Many lakes and ponds in the area freeze solid, one of the most excellent things about Vermont’s subzero winter temps. You should put on your skates and go out onto the ice when it occurs. The scenic lake of Lake Morey, encircled by soaring mountains, is one of the most well-liked places in Vermont to go ice skating. One of Vermont’s most spectacular winter activities is getting up early to see a bald eagle or the frozen lake cloaked in morning mist. 

Ice Climbing:

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is the way to go if you want a high-level thrill or to wow people on your next Instagram video. Even though it may seem extreme and challenging, ice climbing may be a terrific activity to start, mainly if you attend a clinic or tour with an excellent teacher. We like establishing ice routes in Smugglers’ Notch and Lake Willoughby. And the Green Mountain Rock Climbing Center staff are among the most incredible people you could want to learn from.

Ice Fishing:

Winter Activities

Ice fishing may be challenging, contemplative, or even extravagant in Vermont. And often, it may be all three of them. Therefore, your day out on the ice will be a success, whether your setup is a bucket and a hole or a shack with a flatscreen and WiFi. Join our pals at 3rd Alarm Charters’ ice fishing trips to maximize your chances of taking home a trophy-sized keeper.

Hot Tubs & Spas:

Hot Tubs & Spas

You’ve earned some downtime after completing all of the tasks above over a day or two. A day spent relaxing in an outdoor hot tub is the ideal way to embrace it. With a pint of your favorite local IPA or a glass of champagne at your side. And the day’s tension and struggles suddenly vanish. The Top Notch in Stowe and the Pump House at Jay Peak are two of our favorite places to enjoy the hot tub. We might get accustomed to this.

Stay in a Cozy Cabin:

Winter Activities

The state of the Green Mountains boasts some of the coziest cottages, perfect for romantic getaways with loved ones.

You may enjoy a fantastic winter break in one of these remote Vermont cottages. And playing board games and drinking wine together in front of a fireplace. There is undoubtedly a cabin in the list in the blog article above that will catch your attention. You can go right with all of the Vermont cabins listed above, whether you choose one of the lovely lakeside cottages, lakefront mountain cabin rentals, or houses with beautiful hill views.

Try Out Winter Camping:

Winter Camping

In Vermont, camping throughout the winter is a unique experience. From November to April, you can build a bonfire and sleep outdoors.

It’s a beautiful chance to catch up with loved ones, go on exciting experiences. And enjoy Vermont’s natural beauty during one of your favorite seasons.

Winter camping often involves using techniques our forefathers used or creating new ones. 

You’ll enjoy taking on the ongoing challenge of spending the entire night outside, creating shelters out of natural materials, cooking food without electricity, keeping warm without access to running water, and even looking for clean, fresh water to drink!

Molly Stark State Park, Mt. Ascutney State Park, Underhill State Park, and Woodford State Park are well-liked locations for winter camping.

Sip Local Beverages:

Winter Activities

You may explore Vermont’s various breweries, wineries, and distilleries in several locations! A pub crawl is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a fun day or evening out.

Pub crawls are fantastic because you can personalize them to fit any preference, one of their best qualities.

Visit the vineyards in the Shelburne region if you like drinking wine. Burlington is the ideal destination if you want to drink beer. Visit some of Vermont’s distilleries if you wish to experience spirits.

You can go on a pub crawl in many locations around Vermont; ask around or do a fast Google search to uncover options nearby.

Magical Places to Enjoy a Vermont Winter Getaway


One of the most incredible destinations to visit in the Northeast of the United States is the town of Woodstock. Which hosts several festivals and events every year.

They also provide ice skating, tubing, skiing, and snowboarding activities. 

Mount Peg, Tom, and the Ottauquechee River encircle Woodstock, Vermont.

It would help if you went to Billings Farm & Museums’ Christmas at the Farm in December to have fun with the entire family. 

In addition, Woodstock hosts Wassail Weekend, where you may see the historic mansions decked up for the holidays.


The town of Stowe, Vermont, has a lot of celebrations and events throughout the winter.

The Stowe Winter Carnival is one of the most well-liked events. Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating, sledding, fat biking, and other winter sports are available here.

In addition to being a lovely area to visit, Stowe has a lot of ski resorts and winter activities.

Stowe is a great place to organize and attend events since it has over 40 restaurants and 30 hotel options. The scenery is stunning and is likely to make an impact.


You won’t believe your eyes when you see the expansive vistas of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks at Battery Park.

Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating, and sledding are available. This park offers everything.

Any time of year is a terrific time to visit the Church Street Marketplace, but the winter is delightful. Several festive activities and events are ideal for winter on this pedestrian-only route.

Conclusions on the Vermont Winter:

If you’re searching for winter activities in Vermont, take advantage of these gatherings, festivals, or destinations.

There will inevitably be chilly weather, mouthwatering cuisine, breathtaking scenery, and quaint villages.

Lots are going on in Vermont, whether you want a leisurely day or evening out or try some unusual winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or ice skating.


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