Taco Heaven: 13 Authentic Places for the Best Tacos in Cancun


Nothing beats the flavour of a nice taco when you’re on vacation and want to eat your way around the city. They’re a fantastic way to get a small mouthful of Mexican cuisine. It’s difficult to resist eating everything you see when taco stalls are on almost every street corner. Save your stomachs, however! Here is a list of the top 13 taco restaurants in Cancun.


1. Taqueria Coapeñitos

Some of the most incredible tacos you’ll ever experience are at Taqueria Coapeitos, a neighborhood restaurant in Cancun. Your mouth will be watering with the flavors of real Mexican cuisine in everything on the menu! The Taco Coapeito, which costs under $1 per piece, is the house specialty. This establishment is easy to spot, too; it’s on Nader Avenue, and you can see their flashing sign at night. They’re tucked under a bright yellow building.

2. Los Tarascos

Los Tarascos must be one of your visits if you only want to eat tacos. This local favorite restaurant, with locations throughout Mexico, is part of a well-known franchise that will leave you wanting more even after your hundredth visit. When you’re hungry and sober enough, you can easily quench your appetite at the Cancun location, thanks to its late-night hours! They allegedly offer some of the greatest pastor tacos in the area as well. Also, Los Tarascos serves margaritas and burritos, which are as delicious as the restaurant’s signature dish.

3. El Polilla

Go to El Polilla, a taco stand in a back alley that offers some of the best tacos in town. They are renowned as the greatest spot for delectable and juicy carnitas and are conveniently located in Mercado Ki Huic.This place usually has a huge queue, but keep that from deterring you! Each order includes a generous quantity of meat and two tortillas, and the portions are enormous. Come early since these guys sell out quickly; otherwise, there will be no by lunchtime.


4. Carnitas Don Enrique

Look no further than Carnitas Don Enrique for wonderful, genuine pig carnitas. This popular taco restaurant is situated in a lovely area of central Cancun. The tacos have a handmade flavor and are tasty and fresh, luring you back for more.

5. Taqueria Los Chachalacos

Another popular taco spot in Cancun is Taqueria Los Chachalacos, especially with the late-night crowd in the Zona Hotelera. Instead of focusing on aesthetics or customized tacos, this restaurant emphasizes taste.! The flavor of the charcoal-cooked meat is distinctive and unmatched; it is exploding with flavor and served fresh off the grill. If you dream of tacos at midnight, these people will be open and ready for you because the restaurant stays up rather late.

Spend 150 pesos, and you’ll also get a free dessert!

6. El Socio Naiz Taquería

The ideal location for those seeking new experiences is El Socio Naiz Taquera. The tacos are straightforward and unassuming, with a fun contemporary touch while remaining faithful to its roots as a Mexican classic. In addition to more creative combinations like waka wakas and surf & turf (pork and octopus), they provide “traditional” taco alternatives.


7. Tacos Los Parejas

This taqueria has origins in Mexico City and is now open in Cancun. Its original tastes have won over locals and gained followers. This restaurant, which specializes in tacos de costilla (rib meat), will fill you with their generous quantities and affordable costs. Weekend special meals include delicious foods like gorditas and tacos that have been barbecued. At Los Parejas, you can go right with anything you order because it will be excellent.

8. Gory Tacos

One of the most well-liked taco restaurants in the city is Gory Tacos, which is in central Cancun. Taco fans will find this local favorite taco joint a refuge, but it’s not just about the cuisine; the proprietor is personable, and the ambiance alone will draw you in. Order the steak tacos or, if you want seafood, try the garlic shrimp; the tacos are inexpensive, and the amounts are large.

9. Tacos Rigo

If you’re expecting a typical taco stand, go elsewhere. Tacos Rigo is all about striking a balance between the familiar and the novel. With unusual fillings you won’t generally get at a taco shop, Rigo kicks things up a level. Since 1988, they have been serving up the finest of Mexico, and their salsas are among the best in town. An adventurous gourmet will find something they like among the fillings, ranging from cabeza (roasted meat from an animal’s head) to suadero (thin cut of beef brisket). You’ll be sorry that you didn’t come by sooner.

Tacos Rigo

10. Taco Y Tequila

Taco Y Tequila is the only taco joint you should visit in the Hotel Zone. Although many people believe their tacos al pastor to be among the best in the area, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Along with their recipes, which are hugely popular among the locals, their classic tacos are produced with only natural ingredients. This one is a little more expensive than other places, but if you want a truly authentic dinner of the highest caliber, it’s worth it. Go for the tequila, too, as it’s in the name.

11. La Loteria Taqueria 

In Cancun, La Loteria Taqueria has long been a go-to place for tacos, delivering amazing food that will have you drooling as soon as you step through the door. This restaurant, which stays until the wee hours of the morning, will surely please your taste buds, especially if you’re searching for regional comfort cuisine. It’s a terrific spot to enjoy with friends because the tacos are cheap and provide enormous amounts.

12. Taqueria El Ñero 

Skip the commercial eateries downtown and go directly to Taqueria El Ero if you’re craving tacos. In addition to being reasonably priced, they also serve tacos that rival those at some of the city’s more upscale eateries. Try their Campechanos (mixed beef and pork tacos); it’s a match made in heaven!

Taqueria El Ñero

13. Los de Pescado  

Los de Pescado is the best spot in town to get fish and shrimp tacos. It’s worthwhile to stop by at least once, given that three sites are near Cancun.

 It seems like it could be better on the outside, but after you have one of their tacos, you’ll understand why the locals adore it so much. You’ll be licking your fingers clean after eating the real tacos, which cost around $2 for two. Remember to order a Corona to wash it all down. They are open from 10 am and close at 5:30 pm every day, so arrive before the tacos are all gone!


Remember that tastes can vary; what you consider the “best” tacos will depend on your preferences. It’s also good to ask locals or other travellers for recommendations. Additionally, check recent reviews or travel forums for up-to-date information on the best taco places in Cancun.


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