Best Airlines for Your European Adventure: A Comprehensive Guide


Numerous European locations draw tourists from around the globe, including the Colosseum in Rome and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Choosing an airline is one of the most crucial considerations whether you’re going to Europe for a short weekend, a lengthy holiday, or a business trip. There are many airlines to select from, and some may be better than others based on where you’re coming from and the amenities you desire while traveling.

This article will look at the leading airlines that have flights to Europe. We’ll summarize the good and not-so-good things about each one so you can pick the ones that are right for you.



Lufthansa, a German carrier, is one of the most significant airlines for traveling to Europe. This airline is famous for its excellent service and top-notch facilities. Once you’re on the plane, you’ll receive perfect treatment. You’ll have comfy seats, delicious food and drinks, and plenty of entertainment to enjoy during your flight. The extensive route network of Lufthansa distinguishes it from other airlines.

The airline offers flights to locations throughout Europe, including well-known cities like Munich, London, and Rome and less famous sites like Reykjavik and Dubrovnik. This makes it a fantastic choice for tourists who wish to see many European nations in one trip. When it comes to cost, Lufthansa is usually considered a higher-priced airline. This implies that its pricing can be greater than some of its rivals. However, the airline provides a range of pricing alternatives, so if you’re ready to shop, you may find an excellent bargain.

Additionally, the quality of care and luxury you’ll enjoy onboard frequently makes the additional expense worthwhile. The biggest airline in Germany, Lufthansa, has its headquarters there. Its fleet size makes it the biggest airline in Europe when all its subsidiaries are included. This airline has a long history since 1926. Over time, it has become known for its good quality. When you fly to Europe with Lufthansa, you can feel confident that you’re in experienced hands.

Norwegian Air


With its winning blend of cost, convenience, and comfort, Norwegian Air is a rising star in the European airline sector. People know this modern airline for its great fleet of fuel-efficient planes and advanced equipment. It’s easy to book, check-in, and enjoy entertainment while flying with them. Norwegian Air, a small airline that operates on the west coast of Norway, started in 1993. Since then, it has swiftly grown to become a major low-cost airline in Europe, connecting the continent to points all over the globe with a vast network of routes. Currently, Norwegian Air serves over 150 locations in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia, with more than 500 flights.

This European airline travels to more than 85 different cities only inside Europe! With other hubs in Copenhagen, Stockholm, and London, Norwegian Air’s primary hub is at Oslo Airport in Norway. Most passengers arrive through Oslo Airport, which serves as the airline’s principal hub and provides convenient connections to other European locations. Norwegian Air provides a variety of facilities aimed at improving the traveler experience. On many flights, you’ll have free Wi-Fi, comfortable seats with adjustable headrests, and a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and music that you can watch or listen to on your own devices. On its lengthy flights, the airline also provides a unique “Dreamliner” experience with enormous windows, noisier engines, and better air quality for a more relaxing and delightful voyage. Norwegian Air has rapidly become one of the most well-liked airlines in Europe because of its extensive route network, competitive pricing, and first-rate services.



Looking for an exceptional deal on a lesser-known airline to Europe? One of the top European airlines, Condor, is causing a stir in the US market. Founded in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1955, Condor is still active today. However, the most well-liked leisure airline in Germany has just lately refurbished and increased the size of its transatlantic fleet. Twelve major U.S. airports, including New York JFK, Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Seattle, now have direct flights from Condor to Germany. Condor operates flights from Frankfurt to about 90 different international destinations across Europe, Africa, and North America.

Additionally, this includes many of the most beautiful locations in France, Italy, Spain, and Greece. At this time (as of July 2023), it is undoubtedly among the least expensive methods to go to Europe. Condor delivers opulent business-class seats at a reasonable price and is the best-kept travel secret in North America. One-way tickets in the economy start at $240 and in business class at $1,200 during the shoulder season. Condor is also bringing in A330neo aircraft, which are among the most advanced and efficient planes currently flying. Therefore, Condor not only makes it easier to travel to Europe but also more pleasant.

Condor carriers are now one of the top international carriers to Europe, whether you’re dreaming of the romance of Paris, the history of Rome, or the energy of Barcelona. As their airfares are more than $250 less expensive than any other airline, I will most certainly take a journey with them from Boston in the late summer or early autumn.

British Airways

The largest airline in the United Kingdom leads our list of the best airlines for flights to Europe. British Airways is a beautiful option for transatlantic flights since it offers flights to over 200 locations across the globe, including several critical American cities, including Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, and San Francisco. Your convenient flights wherever you’re traveling are thanks to British Airways’ destinations in towns throughout Europe.

British Airways may be less handy for travelers from Asia or South America, but they still fly to many big cities, and you may connect with one of their partner airlines to go to smaller places. In 2019, the airline improved the seats in first class, premium economy, and economy sections. They also redesigned some parts of the cabins. Extra charges may sometimes increase while using British Airways. Choosing your seat and checking more bags beyond the “Hand Baggage Only” policy might become expensive (unless you pay more to arrange a flexible price). The level of comfort on board is one area in which British Airways excels.

Etihad Airways

The other airline operated by the Emiratis, Etihad Airways, comes in second to Emirates.

It has fewer flights than Emirates, but with 91 destinations to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific, and Asia, it more than lives up to its slogan, “from Abu Dhabi to the World.”

Etihad offers four options for economy class seats, 2 for business class seats, and 1 for first class, which is more than other airlines. The range of ticket options makes finding a flight that matches your budget more manageable. Simply go through the features and restrictions of each option, like whether you can change dates or get a refund. As you upgrade your ticket, you’ll also get added perks like priority boarding, choosing your seat, and more luggage allowance.

Specific cheap tickets also permit the addition of particular extras, such as upgrading meals or adding more baggage.

The fact that all seven pricing choices for any international travel include carry-on and checked luggage is a major plus.

The kind of price you choose will determine the maximum weight of your baggage.

Etihad has received praise for its superior service.

Economy class offers basic comforts like pillows, blankets, free meals, and 90MB of Wi-Fi for no charge.



This Australian airline operates most of its flights out of the Pacific, Australia, and regions of Southeast Asia. Qantas’ leading European destination is London. However, they are a member of the Oneworld alliance for connecting flights to other cities. Since Qantas is now the only airline offering a direct trip from Sydney to London, you should choose them if you’d prefer to take a 20-hour long-haul journey rather than make many stops.

If you’re seeking the most outstanding price on tickets, Qantas could be the way to go. As it’s recognized as a somewhat less expensive alternative than other airlines.

The less-than-ideal legroom on some of their older aircraft carriers is one of the usual drawbacks of lower costs. The luggage allowance depends on the type of ticket you select. All tickets allow you to upgrade for additional baggage space.

To avoid incurring an extra fee at the airport, be careful to read the tiny print and double-check the weight of both your carry-on and your checked luggage. To experience an upgrade from ordinary economy seating without paying the hefty cost of a business class ticket, Qantas has a new A380 fleet that provides Premium Economy seats.

Qatar Airways

Even in economy class, Qatar Airways stands out for its superb customer service and first-rate facilities. Many passengers think the increased legroom, broader seats, and in-flight amenities are well worth it. Even though tickets are often more costly than those competing airlines offer.

Qatar does a beautiful job of offering food and entertainment alternatives in addition to comfy seats. If you become hungry between the complementary meals, ask the flight attendants for limitless snacks and drinks. If you’re looking for airlines with free WiFi. You’ll be happy that Qatar offers in-flight WiFi, and every seat has a USB plug to keep your device charged.

The cost is this airline’s major weakness in the Middle East. Many airlines already charge more for economy class, and business class is often entirely out of the question for those on a tight budget. Due to its service to more than 50 European destinations. Qatar has become one of the top airlines for easy travel to Europe. Besides flights to the United States, the airline has direct flights to essential places in the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Cathay Pacific

When flying to Europe, Cathay Pacific out of Hong Kong offers excellent service. Mainly if you are from Asia or Australia. Cathay Pacific does a fantastic job of providing respectable facilities without being too pricey when comparing price to quality. Additionally, it has developed a reputation for being a more family-friendly airline and offers kids’ meals and activity packs to assist in keeping youngsters occupied on lengthy flights.

Cathay Pacific still serves the main airports even if it doesn’t fly directly to as many European cities as other carriers.

But because of all the links it provides, Cathay is a fantastic choice for passengers going to or from Asian nations. With respectable accommodation in economy class and above-average food as compared to certain other carriers. Cathay Pacific also gets marks for comfort. Be cautious to read the regulations when you Google flights with Cathay Pacific since the baggage limit changes based on the duration of the journey and ticket class.

Air France

The leading airline of France provides several local and international flights across Europe. This airline is a smart choice if you want to visit many cities in Europe during your trip because of all the connections and savings you can obtain by booking numerous flights at once. As a member of SkyTeam, you may earn miles with Delta Airlines and other alliance partners and use SkyTeam lounges, making lengthy airport lineups much more bearable. Air France is also a member of the SkyTeam alliance. The cuisine is one area where Air France excels. Some travelers are a bit surprised by the variety of choices on Air France’s menu because airplane meals usually have a mixed reputation. Additionally, the sort of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks provided is above average. Your luggage allowance depends on the ticket you purchased and the cabin you are flying in.

Turkish Airlines


While Turkish Airlines might not be as famous as other Middle Eastern carriers like Qatar and Emirates. They still deserve a place in the list of the best airlines for flights to Europe. Many people need to be aware that Turkish Airlines today travels to over 120 countries, more than any other airline. They also have connections to many smaller cities, especially in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Turkish Airlines provides many connecting flights from its headquarters in Istanbul to places without direct flights.

Istanbul is a convenient alternative since most European locations are just a short flight away. So you won’t have to recheck your things as you would when changing airlines. Turkish Airlines’ cuisine is also much superior, and on many of their lengthy flights, a chef is even there (while there isn’t any actual “cooking,” it’s still great to have a meal that looks and tastes fancy).On foreign flights, even the most basic economy seats have plenty of legroom, and Turkish Airlines has been steadily updating its business class seats to provide more comfort. Turkish Airlines offers both refundable and non-refundable tickets. You can cancel any of them without a fee within the first 24 hours after buying.


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