Costa Rica Solo Travel Guide: Essential advice & tips


Are you planning a solo trip to Costa Rica? It can be an out-of-this-world experience if done correctly! You’re undoubtedly concerned about whether it’s safe for a woman to travel alone or whether places are best to visit alone. Find out all you need about solo travel in Costa Rica here!

Costa Rica Solo

Travel alone is one of the finest ways to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Whether you are new to a solo journey or have traveled extensively alone, Costa Rica is one of the most significant countries to visit. 

My goal is that this guide contains all you need to know about keeping safe as a lone traveler in Costa Rica! You’ll also need to learn more about the most significant things to do in Costa Rica.

In addition, I’ve included some simple ways for you to meet other tourists while you visit Costa Rica.

Is Costa Rica safe for solo travel?

Even if you are a solitary female traveler, Costa Rica remains one of the safer nations for solo travel. 

If you wish to prepare for solo travel in Costa Rica, plan and communicate your schedule with friends and family. Try to remain in densely populated areas unless you’re on a tour. 

You may save maps to your phone. That way, you’ll still have access to instructions if you lose mobile service and must return to your hotel!

I recommend learning a few essential Spanish words for directions and assistance. Knowing simply a few Spanish words will come in handy in locating your way if you get lost by interacting with some locals.

Many kind Costa Ricans are eager to assist. However, if you ever feel uneasy, believe your instincts and go somewhere safer. 

Can a lady go to Costa Rica by herself?

The quick answer is yes! Whether you’ve never traveled alone as a woman, Costa Rica is one of the most fantastic destinations in Latin America and the globe.

Costa Rica Solo

Costa Rica is one of the finest destinations to travel solo because of various elements that make it exceptionally beginner-friendly. While Spanish is Costa Rica’s official language, The tourism industry frequently uses and understands English.

There is also a sizable English-speaking tourist and digital nomad population. This makes it simple for you to build new contacts and make new acquaintances.

While robberies and larceny sometimes occur in Costa Rica, many visitors regard the nation as reasonably safe each month.

If you’re traveling alone as a single female traveler, contact a buddy or close family member so they can follow your whereabouts and check in on you! Also, remain in tourist-friendly locations and always travel in groups if visiting other parts of the nation.

Best activities for lone travelers in Costa Rica

Now that we’ve discussed how to be safe when traveling alone in Costa Rica, let’s look at the best things to do there!

Costa Rica Solo
  1. Walk Around the Cities and Towns

Walking about where you are staying is one of the finest ways to feel at ease in a new place as a solitary traveler. 

You’ll most likely fly into San José, so spending a few days there is a terrific chance to get to know the nation. There are several restaurants, stores, historic places, and taverns.

When visiting Costa Rica alone, San José is far from the only lovely city to stay in. There are plenty of alternative locations to remain a solitary traveler, which you should investigate when you arrive.

If you wish to visit a coastal beach town, visit Santa Teresa or Puerto Viejo. If you like nature, stay at Tortuguero, home to many nesting turtles. Another exciting area to visit is Corcovado, home to the country’s largest national park, Corcovado National Park.

Shop at the San José Central Market

If you are staying in San José, you should plan a visit to the San José Central Market. The market is brimming with fresh vegetables, coffee, homemade crafts, traditional snacks, and other treats. 

Are you staying at a hostel or somewhere with a kitchen? You may buy food from this renowned market and prepare it at home. Not only will this save you money over dining out, but it will also allow you to see the city like a resident.

 Central Market
  1. Visit a National Park

Costa Rica is home to several of the world’s gorgeous national parks. You’ll witness many animals, volcanos, waterfalls, and lakes as you explore them.

Here are just a few of the beautiful national parks in Costa Rica:

  • Tortuguero National Park
  • Arenal Volcano National Park
  • Ballena Marine National Park
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve
  • Piedras Blancas National Park

You can explore the national parks independently or join a tour group if you feel more secure. If you stay in a hostel, you can visit national parks with another tourist or a group.

Visit an Animal Sanctuary

The wildlife is one of the delights of a trip to Costa Rica. Although you might go into the bush alone, there is another excellent method to watch the creatures!

Animal sanctuaries provide a haven for injured animals and animals that have lost their homes due to deforestation, and they are an excellent opportunity to interact with wildlife in a controlled setting.

Monkeys are a significant component of Costa Rica’s natural population. Hence, several animal sanctuaries in the country pay tribute to them. However, specific sites also benefit other species, such as sloths, owls, and turtles. 

Visiting an animal sanctuary allows you to learn about the animals, conservation, and methods to aid nature. It’s a fantastic educational vacation opportunity that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside! Who doesn’t enjoy spending the day with animals?

Take Surfing Lessons

Finally, taking surfing classes is an excellent way to appreciate Costa Rica’s beaches. You can attend a group session or hire a private teacher to ensure you are not alone. 

Alternatively, if you are a skilled surfer, you may hire some equipment and surf independently. Ensure other people are nearby since you want to be with others on the beach if something goes wrong.

Get ideas from our article on 15 things to do in Costa Rica that suit every visitor, even single travelers, for even more fun activities!

How to meet other solo travelers in Costa Rica

Because solo travel is becoming increasingly popular, you can meet other solo travelers anywhere. In a place like Costa Rica, you’ll meet a lot of tourists, single or not. 

Chat with locals while lodging in a hostel.

Staying at hostels is a terrific opportunity to meet other single travelers. Costa Rica provides a plethora of safe and enjoyable hostels around the nation.

Starting discussions at coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants is another fantastic method to meet people, even some locals! Most individuals, mainly other persons by themselves, like conversing with lone travelers. Talking to others may teach you much about the place and what to do.

Enjoy Costa Rica’s nightlife

People recognize Costa Rica for its fantastic restaurants, bars, and clubs. Costa Rican nightlife should be on your schedule if you want to have a great night out and meet other visitors!


Regarding places to have a good time in Costa Rica, each city and location provides a range of possibilities. However, it is vital to recognize that weekend parties are more popular. After a long week of work, expect to see a lot of residents out enjoying the evening, drinking and dancing.

If you’re a female alone traveler, you’re in luck! Many establishments provide discounts to women, and some even offer free drinks until a particular hour. Just remember to remain cautious while having fun. You should notify friends of your plans and have them check in on you, never leave your beverages alone, and avoid busy locations!

Join a group tour.

Finally, you may join a tour group with other tourists interested in exploring and learning about Costa Rica. There are several trips to select from, depending on your interests. 

People highly recognize Costa Rica for its adventure and gorgeous scenery. Thus, many of the excursions focus on these aspects. More common excursions include walking tours, cuisine tours, and bar crawls. Whatever type of adventure you’re looking for.


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