Gorgeous Beaches In Maryland That’ll Cure All Your Summer Blues

Gorgeous Beaches

Maryland boasts a vast beachfront for all holidaymakers, from beaches along the Atlantic Ocean to the Chesapeake Bay. This coastline features sandy beaches, boardwalks, and breathtaking views. Visit one of Maryland’s beautiful beaches for a summer tan and fun water activities on your next vacation.

1. Ocean City Beach

Gorgeous Beaches

The Ocean City beach in Maryland is one of the most popular beaches in Maryland, with hundreds of people enjoying themselves during the summer. This beach features boardwalk entertainment, excellent street cuisine, and a breathtaking view of the seashore over 3 miles of beachfront. It is one of Maryland’s premier beaches, where friends and family gather on weekend getaways for a day in the sun.

2. Assateague State Park Beach

State Park Beach

The Assateague State Park is a popular destination for city inhabitants seeking the most excellent beaches in Maryland. The state park is home to wild horses that wander freely and eagles and foxes. While camping on this island, you will witness many unique creatures in the forest. Aside from beach activities, this is a popular destination for adventurers.

3. Sandy Point State Park Beach

Sandy Point

It is one of the public beaches in Maryland that offers a variety of recreational activities for beachgoers. It stands on the Chesapeake Bay. You may have a great picnic with your family and friends here or rent boats for a short trip. Sandy Point State Park is one of Maryland’s most pleasant beaches on weekends. Have a fantastic day at this beach with your family and friends.

4. North Shore Beach

If you want to unwind, the North Shore beach is excellent. There are bonfire parties and music performances throughout the summer, which are must-see events. The city is within walking distance of antique shops and small-town merchants, providing a distinct atmosphere. The best way to appreciate Maryland’s beaches is to hire a bicycle and explore like a native.

5. Chesapeake Beach

Chesapeake Beach

One of Maryland’s oldest beaches, located immediately adjacent to the North Beach, is famous for its ancient architecture and captivating buildings. You may walk along the Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail or dine at one of the seaside eateries. The beach is as calm as the North Shore beach, making it a popular choice for many travellers.

6. Deep Creek Lake State Park Beach

Park Beach

This is Maryland’s largest artificial lake, with a pretty lengthy coastline. It not only provides a terrific swimming experience, but it also provides a plethora of chances for boating, kayaking, and even fishing for the adventurous at heart, something many Maryland beaches do not. Come here to spend an exciting time with your family and friends.

7. Calvert Cliffs State Park Beach

 Calvert Cliffs State

The Calvert cliffs, famous for fossil collecting, are the primary draw. These cliffs provide a stunning background to the beautiful beach, where you may swim and sunbathe all day. While studying the many types of fossils inside the state park may be the most exciting activity for some visitors, visiting one of Maryland’s distinctive beaches is a must for both locals and visitors.

8. Point Lookout State Park Beach

Point Lookout

This park has historic representations of soldiers imprisoned during the American Civil War. A museum and a nature centre display historical conflict facts in the park. In addition to historical teachings, Point Lookout State Park features a beautiful sandy beach where visitors may swim, dine, and hire canoes for water boating. At these Maryland beaches, you may participate in traditional beach activities.

9. Cunningham Falls State Park Beach

Gorgeous Beaches

Cunningham Falls State Parks, one of the most intriguing beaches around Maryland, is a great place to come during the summer. During these months, it attracts many people who want family picnics and outings. It is one of Maryland’s most popular public beaches, providing a recreational space for visitors and sits in the Catoctin Mountains. This state park is famous for camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, and various other activities besides swimming.

10. Breezy Point Beach

Breezy Point Beach

Breezy Point Beach, one of Maryland’s most unusual and rarely frequented beaches, has fewer tourists yearly. This is a must-see location if you want to experience the vibe of a beach without the crowds. Swim in the surf, bring a picnic, play volleyball on the sand, and enjoy various other day activities here. So, what are you holding out for?

11. Cherry Beach

This beach is a great spot to unwind and escape city life’s hustle and bustle. Paddling, canoeing, and other leisure activities are available here. If you are visiting Maryland with family, you should go here.

12. Matapeake Beach

Matapeake Beach

This beach was used to link individuals from west Maryland to those from east Maryland since the 1930s. Aside from breathtaking sunset views, it also houses a clubhouse for relaxation, an outdoor entertainment theatre, and a public swimming pool.

13. Betterton Beach

Gorgeous Beaches

Betterton was once a fishing community, which contributed to the establishment of its tourism industry. As more tourists arrived, the area became a resort town to accommodate them. There is now a beach with a variety of leisure activities.

14. Rocky Gap State Park

Rocky Gap State Park

This state park has a lot to offer, from trails to campgrounds. The finest part is the private beach, where you can spend the day entertaining yourself. Aside from that, you may take in the scenery and camp along the shore for an unforgettable experience.

15. Elk Neck State Park

Elk Neck State Park

Elk Neck State Park, in Cecil County, has much to offer. You’ll always be energized here, with everything from woods and marshlands to cliffs and sandy beaches. The beach here is ideal for a relaxing and serene evening. So make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

16. Hammerman Beach

Hammerman Beach

Hammerman Beach is a Gunpowder State Park beach popular with families and children. Its natural beauty distinguishes it as one of Maryland’s top beaches. A 1,500-foot sandy beach is ideal for picnics and lengthy hikes. There is also a boathouse and the Riverside Grill, where you may eat if you become hungry.

17. Hart-Miller State Park

Hart-Miller State Park

Hart-Miller Island in the Chesapeake Bay provides excellent options for sunbathing on the beach. It is one of Maryland’s top beaches because it is a refuge for outdoor enthusiasts. There are various hiking routes inside the park that you may explore during the day and later enjoy a bonfire at one of the spectacular campsites. Inside the park, you’ll also find a beautiful pond and breathtaking views of the Chesapeake Bay.

18. Janes Island State Park

Gorgeous Beaches

Janes Island, located on Maryland’s eastern shore, is one of the state’s most beautiful beaches due to its serene and peaceful environment. It features a massive campsite for children and rented cabins for people to stay in. If you enjoy adventurous sports, you may also look into kayaking and canoeing. Janes Island is ideal for escaping civilisation and finding peace.


Maryland’s beaches are diverse and compelling, with distinct charm and attractions. Maryland’s beaches provide something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a bustling summer scene or a peaceful reprieve from the pace and bustle of metropolitan life.

From the bustling Ocean City Beach with its boardwalk entertainment and stunning seashore views to the wild beauty of Assateague State Park Beach, where you can encounter free-roaming horses and other wildlife, Maryland’s coastal destinations promise unforgettable experiences.

Sandy Point State Park Beach provides a beautiful setting for family picnics and boat rentals, while North Shore Beach offers a laid-back atmosphere with bonfire parties and live music. Chesapeake Beach and North Beach offer historical charm and serene waters, and Deep Creek Lake State Park Beach caters to adventurers with its extensive lake and recreational opportunities.

Gorgeous Beaches

Calvert Cliffs State Park Beach beckons fossil enthusiasts with its unique shoreline, while Point Lookout State Park Beach combines historical insights with sandy shores and water activities. Cunningham Falls State Park Beach offers a well-rounded experience with its hiking, camping, and swimming options.

Breezy Point Beach provides a tranquil escape for those seeking less crowded spots, and Cherry Beach offers leisure activities like paddling and canoeing. Matapeake Beach, Betterton Beach, Rocky Gap State Park Beach, Elk Neck State Park Beach, Hammerman Beach, Hart-Miller State Park, and Janes Island State Park all cater to various tastes, from serene relaxation to outdoor adventures.

No matter which Maryland beach you choose, you will find a slice of paradise along its sandy shores. So, pack your sunscreen, gather your loved ones, and embark on an unforgettable journey to Maryland’s beautiful beaches to create lasting memories.


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