The Best 10 Beaches In Texas To Visit


When you think of the most excellent beaches in the United States, you might think of Miami, California, or the Washington shoreline. Overlooking Texas beaches, on the other hand, is a farce. It is similar to the gorgeous, mega-popular beaches of Florida. Texas beaches are idyllic, with fewer people, beautiful clean dunes, and abundant animals.

10 Beaches in Texas

Texas beaches are excellent; beachgoers desire the cleanest beaches for enjoyment and relaxation. They were officially certified by the Clean Beaches Coalition as just a peaceful beach to enjoy with a book. Sandy beaches line the whole coast of East Texas.

These are Texas’ top 10 beaches. Bring your towel and sunscreen since all these finest beaches are worth visiting.

1. Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach, a 7-mile stretch of plain white-grey sand, is one of the most fantastic beaches in Texas for a tranquil experience. There are no beachside restaurants or infrastructure, only stretches of sand and the occasional dolphin pod wreaking momentary havoc in the ocean. Crystal Beach is one of Texas’ cleanest beaches and is excellent for swimming and sunbathing. In terms of crowds, you’ll be lucky to see more than a handful of individuals. Because Crystal Beach is so small, you only have to engage with others if you want to.

10 Beaches in Texas

Crystal Beach is about an hour and a half north of Houston on the Bolivar Peninsula. Car is the easiest way to reach it because public transit seems limited.

  • Crystal Crab is located around 350 yards away from Crystal Beach. The vacation house provides a self-catering experience with a magnificent balcony.

2. Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach appears to be divine. With golden sand and classic beach umbrellas, this Texas beach arcs in a beautiful circle. Your initial impression is that it seems tranquil, and you are correct. Even its seas are serene. Rockport Beach’s shallow and moderate waves are ideal for those looking for a brief paddle.

Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach is located just north of Corpus Christi in the protected Aransas Bay. San Jose Island shields the Beach from the Gulf of Mexico’s winds and currents. Its location gives it its most appealing feature – peace. Sitting on Rockport Beach, it seems like you’re in your universe.

You will need to drive if you stay in Corpus Christi because there is no public transportation. It takes around 38 minutes by automobile.

  • This Rockport vacation rental includes three bedrooms, a private dock, and three kayaks for guests.

3. Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is yet another small-town beach. It has an authentic community atmosphere known as ‘family beach’ due to its pleasant, laid-back attitude. While the waves might be rough, it is generally safe for swimming and an excellent beach to relax on. Another major lure is the perfect Fishing at Surfside Beach. The Beach is an ideal fishing spot; bring a rod for Fishing for a day of fun.

 Surfside Beach

Surfside made our list because of its vibe. The upbeat atmosphere makes it one of Texas’ top beaches. Houston is only a 70-minute drive from Surfside Beach.

  • The Red Reef home with sundeck is a lovely split-level vacation property located only a short walk from the Beach.

4. North Beach

Forget distant islands and calm beaches; North Beach is one of Texas’s most excellent metropolitan beaches. The Beach on North Beach Island, connected to the city center by the Harbor Bridge and flanked by notable attractions such as the State of Texas Aquarium and the U.S.S. Lexington, is well worth a visit. North Beach is likewise bustling with activity.

North Beach

North Beach made our list because of its ongoing energy and urban charm. Furthermore, if you live in a city, it is one of the few beaches in Texas reached by public transportation. You may take the 76 bus from the city center of Corpus Christi to North Beach in 25 minutes.

  • This one-bedroom, sun-drenched Texas condo with North Beach access provides breathtaking ocean views.

5. Boca Chica Beach

Boca Chica Beach is one of Texas’ most fantastic beaches. Why? Due to its rockets. Boca Chica Beach is directly near SpaceX Spaceport, and its sandy coastline provides a clear view of the rockets. This is a difficult temptation to resist for those who are interested in space. Furthermore, how many rockets do you notice parked near beaches? It’s clear why Boca Chica Beach made our list.

Boca Chica Beach

Boca Chica Beach is also one of Texas’ most beautiful beaches. Coastal marshes and clay dunes flank it, perfect for bird-watching and animal viewing. It’s on the east coast, just before the Mexican border. It is a natural beach between Boca Chica State Park and Brazos Island Park. It is also conveniently accessible by automobile, only a 50-minute trip from Brownsville.

  • Casa Roble is a lovely downtown Brownsville apartment with a terrace and garden views.

6. South Packery Jetty Beach

South Packery Jetty The Beach is notable for its large wooden jetty. The jetty is a fishing pier, with rows of fishermen poised, waiting for their following catch. South Packery Jetty Beach is quiet but popular, attracting only a few tourists, aka those in the know.

South Packery Jetty Beach

Do you want to go on an extra adventure? Overnight camping is possible at South Packery Jetty Beach. You may drive to the Beach about 25 minutes from Corpus Christi and utilize it as a base overnight, waking up to the sound of the ocean. We like South Packery Jetty Beach’s handy location and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a terrific beach to visit in Texas since overnight camping and Fishing are possible, and there are few people.

  • Island Escape is a lovely two-bedroom vacation property approximately 550 yards from South Packery Channel Beach.

7. South Padre Island:

South Padre Island features a 12-mile stretch of beach parallel. And the resort town’s antics. South Padre Island’s Beach is swimmable and large. It is also alcohol-friendly, with some vibrant bars and beach entertainment.

Beaches in Texas

If you’re looking for a kitschy coastal retreat, South Padre Island is one of the most excellent beaches in Texas. There are too many things to do. It borders theme parks, beach resorts, and all the facilities that make a beach infectiously entertaining. It’s three hours from Corpus Christi and 40 minutes from Brownsville.

  • This beautiful apartment is within walking distance of the Beach on South Padre Island and sleeps up to six guests.

8. Magnolia Beach

Magnolia Beach is lovely. Let us begin there. People recognize the 5-mile-long Beach for its RV-friendliness. Its hard-packed sand is excellent for driving on the Beach. Magnolia Beach is popular with R.V. campers since it permits overnight camping. Another great plus is the onsite flush facilities and showers, which even have hot water. Magnolia Beach, isolated and dreamily so, is a peaceful area to spend time on the shore alone. It’s one of the most excellent R.V. beaches in Texas.

Magnolia Beach

Magnolia Beach itself is a small town with few services or amenities. However, Port Lavaca, which offers all the metropolitan requirements, is only a 15-minute away. A car is the best way to get to this Texas beach, and you want to take advantage of beach driving, right?

9. Galveston Island East Beach

Activities and entertainment are the law on Galveston Island East Beach. The Beach sits in the extreme east of Galveston Island and is well known for its permissive laws, including that it is one of the only Galveston beaches that allows alcohol. Galveston has everything from concerts to parties. Galveston Island East Beach offers a variety of activities, including horseback riding and Beach combing. All of this mayhem will be visible from its wooden boardwalk.

Galveston Island East Beach

The Beach is about a 12-minute drive from downtown Galveston and an hour from Houston. Galveston Island East Beach made our list because it provides first-rate entertainment. It is one of the most excellent beaches in Texas for events.

  • This beach town coastal delight is a four-bedroom, spaciously designed vacation property just 50 yards from East Beach.

10. Lighthouse Beach

This sandy Beach is one of the greatest in Texas for kids and families. A children’s playground, splash pad, and covered picnic shelters surround the little length of Beach. Its age-appropriate facilities drew our attention. In a nutshell, Lighthouse Beach is a children’s paradise.

10 Beaches in Texas

Lighthouse Beach is a beach on Port Lavaca’s outskirts. It’s right before the Port Lavaca Causeway, which crosses Lavaca Bay. Those staying at Port Lavaca may stroll there. You may also drive to the Beach in a matter of minutes.

  • The Best Western Port Lavaca Inn is next to Lighthouse Beach and features a seasonal outdoor pool and gym.


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