San Francisco to Muir Woods: A Redwood Adventure

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Situated in Marin County, California, the Muir Woods National Monument is a short picturesque drive north of San Francisco.

Muir Woods is well-known for its magnificent coast redwood trees, which may grow to an astounding height of 92 meters (more than 300 feet) and survive for more than a millennium!

The giant tree in Muir Woods is an astounding 1,200 years old, standing at 258 feet (79 meters). As it turns out, they are among the world’s tallest living creatures!

Throughout Muir Woods National Monument, six miles (10 km) of trails provide hikers with various hiking options.

When does Muir Woods open and close?

The hours of Muir Woods are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (or 8 p.m., depending on the season). It shuts after dusk every season.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Muir Woods?

On weekdays, early morning or late afternoon is the ideal time to visit Muir Woods. These seasons also yield the finest results. Put another way, May through October is the perfect time of year to explore Muir Woods.

Is hiking in Muir Woods challenging?

Trails in Muir Woods range in difficulty from simple to intermediate. The path you select will determine the answer to this query.

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What is the duration of a tour in Muir Woods?

For an expert, the tour itself takes two hours. However, you should budget three to five hours for this outing, which includes transportation to and from Muir Woods.

Does Muir Woods allow walk-in visitors?

Actually, sure. You can arrive by tour bus, bicycle, or foot without a reservation,Must secure a place if you want to travel there alone.

You will have to drive back if you arrive there without a reservation. Reservations are required for parking and bus service at Muir Woods.

This is because parking in the national park is scarce, and the site has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. All cars must now have reservations made in advance due to safety concerns.

Is there an Uber that goes to Muir Woods?

Taking an Uber to Muir Woods is feasible, but it can be costly (about $50 to $80 one-way from San Francisco) and challenging to obtain a ride back.

Instead, we suggest taking a tour bus or staying somewhere else.

Redwood National Forest or Muir Woods?

California has two stunning national parks: Muir Woods and Redwood National Forest.

The two are sometimes mistaken for one another because they have gigantic, ancient Sequoia sempervirens trees that are 1,000 years old and found in old-growth coastal redwood forests.

Tours of Muir Woods

On the other hand, Muir Woods has a higher yearly visitor count and is located considerably closer to San Francisco. 

Redwood National Forest is much larger and gets fewer visitors, and it’s situated nearly 300 miles north of San Francisco.

Which should you pick to see while you’re in California? Depending on your time constraints, yes.

San Francisco

The Redwood National Park

It is recommended for people who have the leisure to commit a whole day to travel to and from the forest because it is located 300 miles (483 km) north of San Francisco.

It’s perfect for people searching for a getaway because it’s considerably more extensive and calmer. 

Muir Forest

A stunning woodland accessible from San Francisco in around 40 minutes by car. Though smaller than Redwoods National Forest, it has trees of the same kind.


The following businesses provide excursions to Muir Woods.

San Francisco, Sausalito, and Sonoma Highlights are included in combo excursions led by San Francisco Skyline Sightseeing, Gray Line, and Tower excursions.

Tour of the City Sightseeing Muir Woods

San Francisco

The majority of tour organisations visit the woodland for 1.5–2 hours.

As mentioned below, some companies—including Gray Line and Skyline Sightseeing—offer limited guided commentary outside the coach, making them more like transportation services than tours.

The cost for an adult might vary from $50 to more than $100, based on the extra activities included in the trip to Muir Woods. 

Skyline Sightseeing Tours

The traditional hop-off-hop-on bus trips, known as Skyline Sightseeing trips, transport passengers to various tourist attractions.

Individuals who want to spend longer time in Sausalito than what is allotted for the trip have other alternatives, including seeing Muir Woods. One of these possibilities is the opportunity to add on a return boat to San Francisco (Pier 41). 

You can view Alcatraz Island from a distance by passing it on the boat. Plus, you’ll get fantastic views of Fisherman’s Wharf and the surrounding coastline!

This company provides free hotel pickup. 

Reviews of Skyline Sightseeing’s tours to Muir Woods National Monument are mainly favourable, with many visitors complimenting the convenience of the conveyance.

Some visitors thought the tour’s pickup and drop-off times were a little tight. But visitors share this criticism with all guided tours of Muir Woods.

Guests who used Skyline Sightseeing reported that the trip was easy and pleasurable.

Dylan’s Tours

Small-group, well-led bus excursions of San Francisco and its environs are available through Dylan’s tours. Some of which include visits to Muir Woods.

Their primary offering is a combined tour that visits Muir Woods in addition to Dylan’s Famous Tour.

On their San Francisco trip, you’ll see places like Pacific Heights, North Beach, and Haight-Ashbury.

This firm also provides combo packages that include visits to Alcatraz, bike trips, and other activities.

The most well-known aspect of Dylan’s Tours is its expert guides and small group sizes.

A more personal experience is possible thanks to their fleet of minibuses than with most other tour operators on our list.

Dylan's Tours

Gray Line Tours

Gray Line Trips offers three distinct trips to Muir Woods National Monument:

(1) San Francisco City Tour & Muir Woods (2) Sausalito and Muir Woods

(3) Sausalito, Bay Cruise, and Muir Woods.  

Time is permanently restricted at each stop since our visits to Muir Woods involve visiting another area.

You may anticipate that the tour of San Francisco will take you via Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf, and other areas!

You may find some of the most excellent restaurants, cafés, and shops in the Bay Area by visiting the beach town of Sausalito.

Muir Woods entry and hotel pickup/drop-off for the morning trip are included in all excursions.

The Well-Known Muir Woods Tours by Tom Martell

Tom Martell, a naturist and knowledgeable guide in Muir Woods, is the owner and operator of Tom Martell’s Famous Muir Woods Tours, a small business.

Tom offers fully supervised excursions that educate visitors about local history, folklore, Indian rituals, the Redwoods themselves, and the flora and animals of the area.

As Tom mentioned, he’s here to show you the forest’s life, not to guide you to the gift shop or rush you.

Water, snacks, fruit juice, and free hotel pickup and drop-off at your San Francisco hotel are all included on this 2-4 mile trip.

Muir Woods

Alcatraz Tour Plus Muir Woods and Sausalito Day Trip

This comprehensive tour of Alcatraz and Muir Woods provides a fantastic experience of seeing the Bay Area and includes a nice stop in Sausalito.

Marvel at the breathtaking coastal redwoods in Muir Woods National Monument, among the tallest trees. Savour the laid-back ambience of Sausalito by the water and visit Alcatraz, which offers prison entry, a boat journey to Alcatraz Island, and a fascinating audio tour.

Thanks to the trip operator

With the help of this all-inclusive trip, you can experience Alcatraz, Muir Woods, and Sausalito in one convenient package—a unique combination of sites. Highlights include a professional tour guide, air-conditioned bus transportation, free onboard Wi-Fi, and an audio-guided walking tour of Alcatraz’s “Cell Block.”

Which trip did you select? An unparalleled experience may be had by combining Alcatraz, Muir Woods, and Sausalito in this unique way.


Muir Woods is a fantastic location. It is simple to explore Muir Woods and several other Bay Area attractions in a single day with the help of these excursions.


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