Discover the Best Cabins on Mariner of the Seas


Mariner of the Seas Cabins to Avoid:

Do you want to discover which Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas staterooms are the greatest and the worst? You’re at the proper location!

The excellent ship Mariner of the Seas has some unique rooms. Nevertheless, Some of the apartments are a touch loud, in strange places, or have blocked views.

Continue reading to learn which Mariner of the Seas accommodations are best avoided and how to choose the ideal cabin for your vacation.

How To Choose The Best Cabin:

A free checklist of things to consider while selecting a cruise stateroom has been prepared by me. Include your email address if you want a copy; one will be sent immediately.

Mariner of the Seas Room Categories:

There are 15 distinct stateroom types on the Voyager-class cruise ship Mariner of the Seas. Four kinds exist for the cabins: inside, outdoor, balcony, and suite.

Inside cabins:

  • Interior Stateroom – Sleeps up to 2 or 4
  • Promenade View Interior Stateroom – Sleeps up to 2
  • Studio Interior Stateroom – Sleeps 1

Outside cabins:

  • Ocean View Stateroom – Sleeps up to 2 or 4
  • Spacious Ocean View Stateroom – Sleeps up to 2 or 4
  • Spacious Panoramic Ocean View Stateroom – Sleeps up to 4
  • Ultra Spacious Ocean View Stateroom – Sleeps up to 6

Balcony cabins:

  • Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony – Sleeps up to 2 or 4
  • Spacious Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony – Sleeps up to 2 or 4


  • Ocean View Panoramic Suite (no balcony) – Sleeps up to 6
  • Junior Suite – Sleeps up to 4
  • Grand Suite (1 bedroom) – Sleeps up to 4
  • Grand Suite (2 bedrooms) – Sleeps up to 8
  • Owner’s Suite – Sleeps up to 4
  • Royal Suite – Sleeps up to 4

In addition to having more excellent rooms, Royal Caribbean’s suites provide an extended range of other advantages. The Royal Caribbean Suite Perks are available for viewing here.

Our inner stateroom on the Mariner of the Seas was everything we needed for our quick trip to Perfect Day at CocoCay aboard the ship.

However, if you have the money, some much larger cabins and suites are available.

Mariner of the Seas Room Sizes:


On board Mariner of the Seas, stateroom sizes vary greatly. The enormous suites are around twelve times bigger than the tiniest guestrooms!

There are differences across similar-type cabins as well. Some places with interior and ocean views are sixty percent larger than others. Before you get too excited about reserving a large house, remember that they are wheelchair-accessible rooms and are thus only available to those who require them.

There are some reasonably spacious outdoor staterooms and suites to choose from if you want a vast berth.

Mariner of the Seas Deck Plan:

When selecting the ideal accommodation for your voyage, the deck plan may provide you with a wealth of helpful details, including:

  • The location of your cabin.
  • The square footage of your balcony and house.
  • Which kinds of supplementary beds—such as couch beds or Pullman beds—are available?

Should You Pick Your Room Or Not?

You often encounter two rates like this when making an online reservation for a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Typically, Royal Caribbean allows visitors to choose their accommodation for an additional cost. If you decline to select your accommodation, you will be given a “Guarantee Cabin.”

Reasons to choose your cabin number:

  • Select the area of the ship that you like most.
  • Reserve two cabins next to one another.
  • Steer clear of unwanted places.

Booking multiple cabins:

You will have to pay to choose your room if you would like attached cabins with a door between them.

Let Royal Caribbean choose your room and ask that your cabins be next to one another if that’s all you desire. That being said, there’s no assurance that they will be.

You may request that your stateroom attendant open the balcony dividers between your neighboring balcony staterooms so that you enjoy a single, spacious balcony. To do this, you don’t need rooms that are connected. As long as everyone is on board, you may open the barrier if your neighbors are cordial.

To avoid booking one of the worst accommodations on the ship, selecting one’s cabin number is a significant motivator for cruisers.

It may ruin your holiday if you choose a cabin that is loud, far from everything, or has a view blocked from the balcony.

Cabins with obstructed views:

Aft cabins and suites: Aft balconies are located directly behind the ship and provide a view of the ship’s previous location. Most cruise ships have the most excellent views from their aft balconies. On Mariner of the Seas, this is different!

The balconies of the aft cabins are not at the back edge of the ship because of how the ship is designed. Between the terrace and the ship’s terminus is an additional space. This indicates that steel constructions block your vision when you look up, but when you look down, they just half block it.

Despite having a less-than-perfect view from the aft balconies, these rooms have received excellent ratings online. The terraces of the aft rooms aboard Mariner of the Seas are more extensive than those on the port and starboard sides, which is one of its advantages.

If you have an aft balcony, go for a corner one since it offers the most area and transparent view.

What’s the finest deck on the Mariner of the Seas? This is a question that many ask. There isn’t just one ideal deck—three are incredibly wonderful if you’re looking for a peaceful space that’s still close to the action.

Decks 7, 8 and 9:


Choose Decks 7, 8, or 9 if you’re searching for a peaceful, quiet accommodation aboard the Mariner of the Seas. Only other cabins are above and below any of these decks’ houses. This provides a sound barrier to the commotion of the public spaces.

It comes down to personal opinion which rooms aboard Mariner of the Seas are the nicest. The least expensive interior cabins are the greatest for some folks. Some people would rather have a large room with large windows. However, some cruisers consider a balcony to be a must.

These few Mariner of the Seas cabins are worth checking out since they have something unique to offer…

BEST INSIDE: Promenade View Interior Stateroom:

A window in an interior stateroom is unusual. Having a window overlooking the promenade might be fantastic for people watching, even if you won’t be able to view the water.

You may utilize the window seat, an additional space not found in the regular inside staterooms aboard Mariner of the Seas, even if your curtain is closed the whole time.

BEST OUTSIDE: Spacious Panoramic Ocean View Stateroom:

The size of the windows in the exterior cabins varies. There may be a tiny aperture above the bed on some ships. However, many of the stateroom windows on Mariner of the Seas are exceptionally big.

This large stateroom with a panoramic view of the ocean on Deck 12 is near the front of the ship and has a window that I like. Also, this accommodation is quite roomy—it surpasses even the largest balcony cabins in space.

BEST BALCONY: Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony:

Standard and large balcony staterooms are available aboard the Mariner of the Seas. Although the larger one is superior to the smaller one, I don’t believe the additional room justifies the higher cost.

You get just five square feet more space in your room and four square feet more area on your balcony when you choose the roomy balcony cabin. You probably won’t realize your room is any larger—insufficient space for an additional chair.

Consider the cost difference when deciding whether to upgrade to a large balcony.

BEST SUITE: Royal Suite:

On each Royal Caribbean ship, the Royal Suite is the best. The Royal Suite aboard Mariner of the Seas is more significant than any other suite on the boat, with 1260 square feet and enough for up to four people.

A picture could never do this room justice, but watch the video above to get an idea of what to expect from the Royal room, complete with a baby grand piano and private hot tub on the balcony.

Mariner of the Seas versus Navigator of the Seas:


The sister ship of Mariner of the Seas is called Navigator of the Seas. Although these two ships’ itineraries and features are similar, your preferences about activities on board may determine which is best.


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