United Terminals at Chicago O’Hare (ORD) – Navigating the Hub

United Terminals ORD

Chicago’s main international airport is O Hare International Airport. From this airport, direct and nonstop flights remain operated. The United terminals are numbered 1, 2, 3, and 5. These accommodations offer amenities to ensure guests have a hassle-free and pleasant stay. 

Let’s briefly look around the airport before concentrating on which terminal at ORD is home to United. To avoid confusion and wasted time trying to locate the correct terminal at the airport, passengers with planned flights with the airline should be researching the answers to this question. Let’s go to the next section for a more thorough response to your question. 

The Whole Story Of The Terminal At United ORD Airport 

At Chicago ORD Airport, United Airlines operates out of two terminals. Departures remain handled by Terminal 1, while international arrivals remain handled by Terminal 5. For final confirmation, travelers should consult the display board’s current airline schedules. 

Furthermore, Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 are home to United Airlines’ lounge services. Thus, the airline has a few locations across the airport. This page lists all the United services available at the airport and their precise location. You will also learn about the airport facilities that are accessible to you through this article. At Chicago Airport, nine lettered Concourses with 191 gates are spread among the four terminals. Concourses B and C in Terminal 1 have a total of 50 gates, while Concourses E and F in Terminal 2 have a total of 41 gates.

Similarly, Terminal 3 has four concourses (G, H, K, and L) that can handle 79 gates. Terminal 5 has just one Concourse M, which has forty gates. United Airlines uses Terminal 5’s Gates M1 through M21, Terminal 2’s Gates E1 through E16, and F1 through F28. In Terminal 1, United planes may use Gates B1 through B24 and C10 through C31.

Arrivals and Departures of United Airlines at ORD 

United Airlines

Departures from United Airlines remain planned from the ORD International Airport terminal. However, its foreign flights land at the airport’s terminal 5. Both terminals house the luggage and other airline-related services for a seamless journey’s finish or start. Travelers departing from this airport should consult their boarding card for information on the gate and terminal or ask airport officials if they have any questions. 

US Club is located near the ORD Terminal.  

United Airlines provides its lounge service at ORD International Airport’s terminals 1 and 2. Here, travelers with reserved seats may unwind before the announcement of boarding. Considering that, they meet the requirements for admission to the United Lounge. Visitors with elite status, lounge membership, or those traveling in business or first class can enter and utilize the amenities offered in the United Lounge.

United airport lounges are found at Terminal 1, Concourse B, gates B6 and 18.

The facility also exists in Terminal 2, concourse F, and gates F9. Due to its location next to the gate for the departing aircraft, passengers must first check the Terminal 1 lounge. Rest, find out from the personnel which lounge is open when, and use it appropriately. To go to the opposite terminal, use a train or shuttle bus. 

On board United Airlines Terminal 1 of the ORD airport, you may check-in for United Airlines. This terminal is where all of its flights take off; hence, this is also where the check-in desk seems to be located. After completing the check-in process, travelers may get their boarding pass from one of the two locations: the self-serve kiosk or the ticket counters. 

Passengers of United Airlines Using the Airport Transit System 

United Airlines Using the Airport Transit System

The Airport Transit System is a rail system that transports people between terminals and other stations, such as parking areas, Metra, and so on. At each station, it arrives between three and five minutes later and operates around the clock. Owing to its scattered operations at many terminals, it is a particularly helpful feature for passengers on United Airlines. 

Bus Terminal for Transfer at ORD

Bus Terminal for Transfer at ORD United The terminal buses at these terminals may also be used by passengers who need to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 5 or the other way from their respective stations.

Entryway 1: Gate B1 

Terminal 5: M13 Gate 

The bus leaves from these gates and arrives at these terminals. Ensure you get there in time to board the bus for a smooth and efficient ride to the opposite terminal. The bus currently has a scheduled operation from 11:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. It takes fifteen minutes for it to arrive at each terminal. 

The amenities offered at the United Airlines terminal at LAX

  • Jotter Customer Service Center and Check-in
  • Booking/Ingress Baggage Claim Pet Relief Area
  • Polaris Lounge United
  • Where the United Club Is
  • American Premier Nursing Room Check-in Safety Path
  • The TSA Pre-screening Initiative
  • Shuttle service encompasses railway, bus, and monorail transportation.

Due to the size and volume of ORD, United advises travelers to arrive at least two hours before their planned domestic departure and three hours before their scheduled international departure. We also recommend that customers use the United App, a fantastic tool for finding gate information, checking flight status, and completing online check-in. App users may also purchase food and drinks and get real-time warnings about flight delays and cancellations.

Parking lots and Car Rentals at ORD Chicago Airport

ORD Chicago Airport

Travelers may reserve a taxi or a rental vehicle from the Chicago ORD airport whether they are departing or arriving. Passengers can use any of the twelve private vehicle companies currently registered with the airport to leave or come here. The information is available on the ORD airport’s official website.

O’Hare International Airport offers a range of parking lots, economy parking, and valet parking for short- and long-term stays. These are to meet the various needs of travelers arriving at the airport. While some may come to pick up or drop off, the remaining individuals must be the passengers. Prices vary based on features and accessibility.  After parking their car, United Airlines travelers may access the terminal using the 5-Lot D service. However, you may also park in the Economy lot and take the rail to the terminal of your choice afterward. 


United Passengers must be careful as the airline operations are at different airport terminals. It must confirm what terminal is United at ORD airport from the boarding pass as the processes are subject to change from one terminal to another. The airline also offers additional facilities; you can find them at terminals 1, 2, and 5. You can even relax in their lounge service available at the abovementioned locations. Ensure you reach the airport at the prescribed time to avoid denying entry or missing a flight. 


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