Playa Del Carmen Airport Options: Cancun vs. Cozumel

Playa Del Carmen Airport

Which airport does Playa Del Carmen arrive at on your flight?

If this is your first visit, you may wonder which airport you will use to get to Playa Del Carmen. In addition to one at Playa Del Carmen, there are two international airports in the area. Here are some tips for selecting the best airport and getting from the airport to your destination.

Playa Del Carmen has an airport?

Indeed, the town has a little airport. It may have shown on Google Maps. It can only hold a few people in tiny aircraft due to its limited size. The airport is mainly used for skydiving and helicopter landings. This airport does not provide any long-haul domestic or international flights. Only the airports in Cancun and Cozumel remain. These are their distinctions from one another.

Cozumel Airport:

As the crow flies, Cozumel Airport (CZM) is 18.6 km (11.5 miles) away. That is relatively near. But the details are what count. To begin with, flights to Cozumel often cost a bit more than those to Cancun Airport. The second factor is time and modes of transportation.

To get from Cozumel Airport to Playa Del Carmen, take a cab to the ferry dock, board the boat to the mainland, and then take another taxi to your Playa Del Carmen accommodation. See our post here for a thorough explanation of the travel route from the Cozumel Airport to Playa.

This journey takes around one hour and forty minutes in total. There are two or three ways to get there, one of which is via boat, weather permitting (though the ferries operate almost nonstop).

Flying into Cancun Airport:

Flying into Cancun Airport

If you search for flights to Cancun, you will discover many options that are often considerably more affordable. This is because this airport serves a more significant number of airlines and destinations.

Airport Cancun International (CUN) is midway between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen. Playa Del Carmen is a straight drive away from the airport. The transmission process takes around fifty minutes. The Cancun Airport and Playa Del Carmen are about 55 kilometers (34 miles) apart. Not only is it easier to fly into, but there are also more accessible ways to travel from this airport to your hotel or other accommodation.

Among your choices are:

  • Private conveyance.
  • Using a communal shuttle.
  • ADO bus service.
  • Hiring a vehicle.
  • Uber or Taxi?

How can you travel to your hotel from the airport the most effectively?

Airport transfers (most recommended):

They are a terrific alternative if you want to get to your hotel. These are private and don’t mix you with other folks. When you make your reservation, a driver will pick you up immediately from the airport and deliver you to your hotel. In the reserve now button below, we have suggested a transfer firm. They allow you to make direct reservations for your transport. We have no trouble promoting them since they have given our readers fantastic service.

Other services you can pre book with an airport transfer:

  • Make sure you have beverages ready, such as juice, soda, wine, or beer.
  • Snacks.
  • For USD 35, reserve a one-hour break during your transfer. This is a terrific option if you want to pack a handful of your favorite items for your vacation. Since most resorts are far from actual retailers, this may be a great opportunity to purchase goods at actual costs.

Renting a car:

We advise only hiring a vehicle if you want to utilize it for excursions a few days out of your week-long stay. Most guests at all-inclusive hotels will use their cars sparingly, so renting one would be a good use of money. You can take private transport and let someone else handle the driving.

Shared shuttle:

Small vehicles called shuttles provide shared transportation between hotels and Cancun Airport. While it has an advantage, this alternative may be compared to the ADO bus. Instead of dropping you off at the bus terminal, where you will probably require a cab, they will drop you off at your hotel. For these shuttles to be prepared for you, reservations must be made in advance. For additional information or to make a reservation, use the “Reserve now” option below. This will take you to the shuttles’ official webpage. 

 Shared shuttle of Playa Del Carmen

ADO bus:

There is yet to be another public transit alternative available. Large buses operated by ADO Bus Company mainly depart towards Playa Del Carmen and Cancun. Only a tiny portion goes to Tulum and Puerto Morelos (the highway, not the beachside town). If you’re on a tight budget or are traveling alone, this can be a decent choice. There are better choices than this if you are staying at a hotel or resort not close to the bus terminal. Going from the bus terminal to your hotel will take longer and cost more since you must hire a cab. Though they may be located along the coast rather than in the town, many resorts are labeled Playa Del Carmen. Look up the location of your hotel on the map.

Taxi or Uber:

Currently, Uber does not function in the Riviera Maya. Thus, this is not a viable choice. Taxis and private transport operate similarly; nevertheless, we advise using the former. You may reserve a spot in advance and get a fixed rate that doesn’t need haggling. When you purchase a round-trip, you may get a discount and have more room for you and your baggage in the private shuttles, which are also vans.

Which airport does Playa Del Carmen fly into, then?

It would help if you were arriving via plane at Cancun Airport. We sincerely hope you enjoy your trip and find easy access to your accommodation. If you like this guide, check out our others, covering everything from dining options to excursions and sites. You may use our website’s search box if you need help finding what you’re searching for. You may choose from hundreds of articles here.

Nearest airports:

Travelmath lists minor local airports and the nearest airport to every given city. Using these websites, you might plan your trip and find the fastest route to your destination. There are often many airports close to where you like to visit, so you may frequently locate a cheaper ticket at a different airport. This is particularly helpful if you rent a vehicle since driving a little further may be more cost-effective to save your flight. If you’re booking a ticket internationally, you should choose the large airport nearest you; if you’re a pilot, you may choose a smaller one. To plan your trip, use this tool with the flying distance websites.


In conclusion, the proximity of airports near Playa del Carmen offers travelers a convenient gateway to this beautiful destination on the Mexican Riviera. Whether you arrive at the Cancún International Airport, Cozumel International Airport, or any other nearby airport, you can expect efficient transportation options to get you to Playa del Carmen and start your vacation in no time.

These airports provide a wide range of international and domestic flights, making them accessible to travelers worldwide. Because many airports are conveniently located, you may choose the one that best suits your trip itinerary and tastes, whether you are searching for a direct flight or a more affordable choice.

Once you arrive in Playa del Carmen, you’ll be greeted by the stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and many activities to enjoy. These airports’ proximity to Playa del Carmen guarantees a stress-free travel experience, freeing you to concentrate on making priceless memories in this idyllic tropical setting.


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