How Long Does it Take to Get a Visa to Cuba?


Most people from other countries who want to visit Cuba need a Cuba visa to go there. The key for Cuba is called a “Cuba Tourist Card,” every citizen from a country that requires a permit to visit Cuba must have one.

A nation in the northern Caribbean is called Cuba. The Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Seas are meeting points. Cuba comprises the island of Youth, Cuba, and a few other smaller island groupings.

It is famous for people who want to enjoy the warm weather and golden beaches and wish to learn about Cuba’s past and Spanish architecture.

If you’re thinking, “Can I go to Cuba?” the answer is, “Yes, but you’ll need to meet the Cuban visa requirements.” Due to the troubled connection between the US and Cuba, some extra rules exist about traveling to Cuba from the US.

This piece guides the standards for Cuba visas, how to apply for one, and other questions often asked.

Visa to Cuba

Who Needs to Receive a Visa for Cuba?

Almost everyone who wants to visit must first get a Cuba visa, also called a tourist card. However, people from some countries can only go to Cuba with a permit if their country has a visa-exemption deal with Cuba.

How do I get a visa to Cuba? What do I need?

When you ask for a Cuba visa, you need to have a few things to back up your request, such as:

  • A form for applying for a permit to Cuba.
  • Your good visa.
  • A plane ticket for a round-trip.

Which Types of Cuba Visas Are There?

There are different kinds of Cuba visas depending on why you want to go there. As a result, the following are the most popular types of tickets for Cuba:

  • A Cuba Tourist Visa (Tourist Card) is given to people from other countries who want to visit the country for tourism. Cuba grants a Family Visa (A-2) to individuals outside Cuba who wish to visit a family member. This type of visa is only open to Cuban partners and children under the age of 18.
  • As the name suggests, the Journalist Visa (D-6) is given to foreign writers who must go to Cuba for work. For this type of visa, the writer has to ask for permission from the press office at the Cuban Embassy. Once they have permission, they can go to the Cuban Embassy and ask for a visa. A Cuba Business Visa is given to people from other countries who want to do business in Cuba. As with the Journalist Visa, the applicants must get permission for a Business Visa from the business office at the Embassy of Cuba before filing for the visa at the port.
  • Technicians and experts, for example, can get a Cuba Work Visa (D-1) if they have a work connection with a Cuban company or organization.
  • A Cuba Student Visa (D-2) is given to people from outside of Cuba who have been accepted into a school in Cuba. To apply for this kind of Cuban visa, you will also need the help of your Cuban school.
  • A Cuba Medical Treatment Visa (D-10) is given to people outside of Cuba who need medical care in a Cuban hospital.

How do I get a visa to go to Cuba?

It would help if you visited the nearest Cuban office or embassy outside Cuba to get a Cuban visa. You must apply by sending or bringing the necessary papers to the port.

Another way to get a Cuba visa is to get it right before you leave at the airport. But it is a risk because not all stations have this choice.

What is a Tourist Card for Cuba?

A Cuba Tourist Card (Tarjeta turista), also called a Cuba Tourist Visa, is given to all foreigners who need a visa to enter the country for tourist reasons and want to come from a country other than theirs.

People often refer to obtaining a tourist visa for Cuba as ‘buying a tourist card. This may seem confusing, but it just means that you are asking for and getting a tourist visa, no matter how (at the office, online, at the airport, or through a visa application service).

How are a green Cuba Tourist Card and a pink Cuba Tourist Card different?

The USA is the only country still needing a light green tourist card from Cuba.

If you are from the United States and come to Cuba, you will get a pink Tourist Card. This is done because Cuba and the United States don’t get along very well (you can learn more about how to get to Cuba from the United States below).

So, this is the difference between the green Tourist Card and the pink Tourist Card.

  • Pink: for people who are from the US or who are traveling from the US.
  • Green: for everyone else who is not from the United States.
How are a green Cuba Tourist Card

How long does a Cuba visa stay good for?

A Cuba visa is only suitable for up to 30 days after you enter the country. The country allows only one entry.

Can a Cuban visa be extended?

Yes, you can get a Tourist Card extension from the hotel where you are staying or from the Cuban customs office after your 30 days are up.

You can stay in Cuba for 30 days if you get the extension. You can stay in Cuba for 60 days if you have a visa.

How long does it take to get a visa to go to Cuba?

The time it takes to get a Cuba visa varies, such as the port where you apply. The time of year and your situation. Getting a Cuba visa, on the other hand, takes about 30 days. So, if you want to go to Cuba, you should apply for a visa 1–2 months before you plan to go.

Using an application service can shorten this time but will cost you more.

How do you get a visa to stay in Cuba long?

Countries have different rules about what you must do to get a long-term Cuba visa. So, if you want to work or study in Cuba. You must contact the nearest Cuban office for information on how to continue. When you go to the Cuban office to get a long-stay visa, you must have the following papers with you:

  • You must provide a recently issued and legalized police clearance document from your home country within the last three months.
  • Medical screening includes blood tests, an AIDS test, and x-rays of the chest. You must legalize the data, which cannot exceed a six-month validity period.
  • A letter that says why you want to work for the company.
  • Any paperwork backs up your request, like a marriage license or a birth certificate.
  • A passport-size picture.
  • Your passport photocopy.

Foreigners can get permanent residency in Cuba if they are the spouse or child of a Cuban citizen. Temporary Residence covers everything else, like working and going to school.

Visa to Cuba

Do I need to pay for a visa to Cuba?

The fee costs different amounts based on how you apply.

If you go to a Cuban diplomatic office in person to apply. You only have to pay the fee, anywhere from $25 to $75. If you mail your application, you must pay extra postage fees.

If you apply online through a visa agent, you must pay the visa and service fees.

Do I need a visa to visit Cuba if I’m Travelling by Sea?

Yes, indeed you do. If you usually need a visa to enter Cuba. You must ask for one, no matter how you get there.

Can people from the US go to Cuba?

They can, yes. But going to Cuba is much harder for US citizens than for people from other countries.

If you are a citizen of the United States, you can’t go to Cuba to visit. Your reason for going to Cuba must fit into one of the 12 allowed groups (see below).

That’s because the US put a trade ban on Cuba in the 1960s. After all, Cuba took over oil plants owned by the US and didn’t pay for them. Since then, authorities have not lifted this rule; instead, they have changed it.

So, when people from the United States go to Cuba, they get a pink Tourist Card instead of a green one. Also, the pink Tourist card costs more than the green one, even though they are both excellent simultaneously.

US citizens can also visit Cuba by visiting another country first and getting a tourist card there. That’s because the color of the card depends on where you’re coming from rather than where you’re from.

If you come to Cuba from the US, even if you are not a US citizen, you will still get a pink Tourist Card.

Visa to Cuba


Visa processing times can change depending on various factors, including the volume of applications and diplomatic relations between your country and Cuba. Therefore, starting the visa application process well before your intended travel date is essential to allow for any potential delays. Always get the most recent and correct information on visa requirements and processing timeframes by contacting the Cuban consulate or embassy in the location where you intend to apply.


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