Must-See Waterfalls on Oahu


Are you interested in visiting some of Oahu’s most beautiful waterfalls? Find the best Oahu waterfall hikes for hikers of all skill levels. Scroll down to discover the top waterfall hikes in Oahu!

Hike around Oahu’s forest preserves with your family to take in the gorgeous tropical scenery. If you plan correctly, you’ll end up at Waterfalls

You’re looking for the most incredible Oahu waterfall hikes for your family vacation. Families that like being outside will find Hawaii the perfect vacation destination.

 one of Oahu’s many gorgeous waterfalls.

There are several excellent hiking options in Oahu. Trailheads are everywhere around the island, including Honolulu, Waikiki, the North Shore, and many other places.

Several waterfall walks are available. Hike through bamboo trees, pineapple plantations, or along roads with tall grasses. Additionally, there are falls with tranquil lagoons, magnificent cascades, and plunge pools.

Oahu is the best location for waterfall treks Waterfalls . There are several interesting walks and waterfalls to find.

Your kids will remember a waterfall trek as the best part of your trip for years. For the top waterfall hikes on Oahu, keep reading!

12 Best Oahu Waterfall Hikes

While visiting Oahu, make sure to check out some of the breathtaking waterfall hikes that are nearby. Some of the items on our list are listed below: Waterfalls

1. Manoa Falls

Visitors regard Manoa Falls as one of the top waterfall treks on Oahu. It is close to Waikiki and located in the back of Manoa Valley. Manoa Valley is a portion of a stunning rainforest in the middle of Oahu Waterfalls.

 The valley survives all year on high rainfall, which is necessary for the waterfall. You’ll find that the island’s waterfalls are mostly found in rainforests.


2. Waimano Falls 

The climb to Waimano Falls is yet another of Oahu’s top hikes. It is among Hawaii’s top treks for novices and families with small children.

Over time, it has gained a lot of popularity. With so many people coming to walk, you will be hiking with others.

Just be mindful not to block any driveways while parked.

3. Waimea Falls

Waimea Valley is home to Waimea Falls, sometimes called Waihi Waterfall. The valley has been a critical site for spiritual practice on the island for more than 700 years.

With more than 70 archaeological sites discovered there, it also has cultural importance.

The waterfall alone is 45 feet tall. It pours into a pool below after tumbling over a rocky retaining wall. It’s undoubtedly one of the best waterfall excursions on Oahu’s North Shore.

Additionally, Waimea Falls features an indoor swimming pool! There are lifeguards on duty all day long. The rock stairs should only be cautiously used since moss may make them slippery.

Even though the water is chilly, it’s excellent to swim in it to cool down before you go home. After your climb, stick around and take in the luau. It’s among the most excellent North Shore luau choices on Oahu.

4. Maunawili Falls 

A popular Oahu site, Maunawili Falls Waterfalls, is located close to Kailua. It’s the ideal location for thrill-seeking trekkers to get a kick!

If you pay attention to your surroundings, it’s an easy to moderate trek. Along the way, stroll in the shade through an apple tree orchard. Additionally, the creek crosses the walkway a few times.

Even though Maunawili Falls Waterfalls is barely 20 feet tall, it is nevertheless stunning. Additionally, you can leap at three different places along the walkway above the falls.


5. Likeke Falls

Likeke Falls is also known as Old Pali Highway Waterfalls . Below Pali Lookout, along the Pali Highway, lies this captivating two-tiered waterfall.

The Pali and Ko’olau Mountains may be seen from a picturesque viewpoint on this pleasant stroll through a tropical jungle. Arrows on the trees also indicate the direction.

You’re in for a treat when you get to the falls. The view is breathtaking, and granite cliffs covered with moss line both sides. Remember that they are slippery, and don’t try to climb them!

If you want to take a tour with your family to view a fantastic Hawaii waterfall, this is one of the top hikes in Oahu.

6. Laie Falls  

For those who love the outdoors and adventure, this is among the greatest walks on Oahu.

Laie Falls’ route is challenging and about 8 km long. There are eateries and food trucks close to the trailhead. I advise refueling and giving this trek at least 5 hours.

The hike itself is an experience. Tall pines, bamboo forests, strawberry guava trees, and exposed ridges may be found here.

The track is rather secluded and peaceful because it is on private land. If you dislike crowds, this hike is fantastic for you!

You eventually reach the 15-foot waterfall that divides into two halves. Swim to cool off or go up the path to locate areas you may jump in.

7. Koloa Gulch  

Since the Koloa Gulch trek is lengthy, hikers must save their energy. The trail starts at an exposed crest in the Koolau Range on North Shore and runs for 8 km.

The trek is difficult, but the serene waterfall at the finish makes it well worth the effort! Only experienced hikers should attempt this trail.

The entire day will be needed. Be careful to pack plenty of water and trail snacks. The trail’s difficulty is more important than the waterfall in this case. It’s also great for older children.

The walk includes some rock scrambling through the Koloa Stream, so take caution if that’s not your thing. You’ll pass by natural vegetation, fruit trees, lagoons, and little waterfalls along the trip.

At the very end, there is a fork. There is a pool and a little waterfall to the left. A mile-long climb to the stunning 100-foot waterfall is to the right.

8. Kaipapau Falls

A walk of 8 miles leads to the Kaipapau Falls. Although rated as moderate, the Koloa Gulch path may be difficult!

You must cross the same stream around 40 times through rock scrambling. If it rains, it may also get extremely muddy.

However, this journey leads you through an exquisite, verdant forest after passing through ancient, disused bunkers.

You and the kids will be in awe of the majestic 90-foot waterfall when you cross the creek.

As long as experienced hikers are in the group, it’s a fantastic trip to take the family on. Additionally, confirm if your children are old enough to do rock hopping and are autonomous.

Oahu Waterfall Hikes FAQs

How much time does the trek to Manoa Falls take?

It could take a few hours. How quickly you hike and how congested the trail is are factors. Additionally, it depends on if you’re bringing kids trekking on Oahu. There may be mud on the track occasionally when it rains, slow ingrained, slowing you down.

Is the climb to Manoa Falls challenging?

In general, hikers think it’s a relatively easy hike. However, there are several places where you might have to go over enormous boulders, tree roots, etc. This makes it much more crucial to get the trek appropriately equipped. Be careful you wear durable footwear, such as hiking boots or sandals (not flip-flops!).

Does it cost money to climb to Manoa Falls?

Everyone is welcome to use the park right now. The Lyon Arboretum, however, has parking and the trailhead. If you plan to park there, there is a small parking cost.


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