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Silicon Valley in California: 

We’ve all heard of Silicon Valley, and it’s become a cultural touchstone when discussing computers and other forms of technology. Silicon Valley is not a specific place; instead, it is a phrase referring to a large region in California that spans many counties and is home to many tech companies.

If you’re planning a trip to California and want to see something a little different than the typical national parks or the most well-known landmarks in major cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, or if you just consider yourself a “geek,” this article will give you some great ideas for places to go and photos to take.

Santa Clara County:

1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA, is the well-known location of what will soon be the former Apple headquarters. Regretfully, you need to be “escorted” by an employee to enter the buildings. So, unless you’re fortunate enough to have a cousin who works at Apple, your only option is to snap a photo of the business emblem.

Apple Park’s development got underway in 2013. The campus, which embodies Steve Jobs’ vision of the future, is scheduled to debut in the first half of 2018. The sole open attraction when this article was written was the Apple Park Visitor Centre, which was free to access. The tourist center has a bar and store with everything an Apple enthusiast could want, including the newest iPhone and iMac models and a large selection of Apple products.

Google (Mountain View):

Google (Mountain View).,

Google’s headquarters are a complex of more than 60 buildings, not just one. The moniker Googleplex is accurate. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, is the address.

The Google Building 43 faces the central park, with plenty of parking spaces. From here, you may explore the park at your leisure and snap pictures of all the oddities and attractions, such as the enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Android sculptures, and the brightly colored bicycles that Google workers ride about the complex.

Unfortunately, because the only way to access the Googleplex is with an employee serving as your guide, taking a tour inside will also not be feasible. The name does not deceive—there is a tourist center. It is solely meant for those who have been granted authorization to enter.

Should you share my infatuation with acquiring mementos from every location you visit, you must stop by the Google Merchandise Store (1981 Landings Drive, Mountain View), which is open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

eBay (San Jose):

In this instance, the only area you may access is the eBay Store, which offers a wide range of accessories with the eBay brand and the standard image featuring the corporate logo. You may still sell the souvenirs you purchase if you no longer need them. This shop is in San Jose, one of Silicon Valley’s major cities. We penned a piece on San Jose’s attractions.

Netflix (Los Gatos):

When you’re a Netflix binge-watcher in the afternoons, you’re sure to go by the office buildings that are the source of your TV series addiction.

Different from the other instances, there isn’t even a Netflix shop, so once you’ve taken the customary picture before the Netflix logo, there is nothing further to do.


We are discussing one of the businesses that has been essential to the advancement of technology throughout history. Please visit the Intel Museum if you are a genuine computer enthusiast. Even if it does not have the same appeal as the firms we have discussed so far. It will take you on a trip through the history of this corporation.

The museum is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. If you want to visit. Check the official website and contact the museum personally to ensure it is open for any special occasion. There is a gift store since it is a museum.

5 of the Best Silicon Valley Tours:

Discovering Silicon Valley, which is known all over the globe as the hub of technological innovation, may be done via a variety of different guided tours that are offered.

People traveling through the greater California area often stop at Silicon Valley on their way through California. Located in southern California, Silicon Valley is part of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is home to some of the most successful technological businesses in the world, including Apple, Facebook, and Google. If you want to spend some time seeing the well-known tech hub, Silicon Valley. We have selected the five finest tours that are presently on offer for you to choose from.

Full-Day Private Tour to Silicon Valley:

During this private trip that lasts the whole day, you will get an unparalleled understanding of the history of Silicon Valley. In the day, you and a small group of loved ones will have the chance to stroll through the footsteps of Stanford’s famous alumni, see the former residence of Steve Jobs, and take in the state-of-the-art modern architecture at the campuses of Apple, Facebook, Google, and Oracle. All of these activities will take place in the company of an experienced guide. In addition, there will be the opportunity to go to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. And have a delicious lunch at one of the several restaurants on University Avenue in Palo Alto. The cost of the trip covers transportation to and from your accommodation, lunch, bottled water, and admission to the museum. You start at $999 per group, with a maximum of 6 participants.

Silicon Valley: Self-Drive Audio Tour:

You may go at your own speed, and there is no set itinerary for this self-guided audio tour of the home of technology, which you can enjoy while riding in your vehicle. Learn about the visionaries who have impacted the world while cruising around Silicon Valley and visiting the offices of computer companies. These visionaries include Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, as well as the scandals surrounding Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos and the oddities of Elon Musk. You only need to install the tour guide app on your phone, take your foot off the handbrake, and start moving in the right direction. Your audio guide will be valid indefinitely after purchase, with no expiration date. You are starting at $15 per individual.

Private Redwood Forest & Silicon Valley Day Trip from San Francisco:

Private Redwood Forest & Silicon Valley Day Trip from San Francisco:

This action-packed full-day tour will take you to California’s oldest, Redwood State Park and Silicon Valley. Two of the most famous tourist destinations. Door-to-door service is provided, and the tour begins and ends in San Francisco. After spending the first half of the day exploring the famous artificial wonders of Silicon Valley, the world’s tech capital. You will travel fifty miles southeast to marvel at the jaw-dropping natural beauty of Redwood State Park, where 2,000-year-old trees rise over three hundred feet into the air. Families with small children are welcome on the excursions, which are intended to suit individuals of all ages. They start at $579 per group, with a maximum of 2 participants.

Silicon Valley Private 2-Hour Driving Tour:

You want to tour Silicon Valley, but time is still being determined. The doctor might have ordered this private two-hour driving trip with many stops and an audio guide. A comfortable vehicle will be waiting to transport you from your hotel to the region in a timely and effective manner. Along the way, you will learn about Silicon Valley’s history, lore, and famous monuments as you visit the Googleplex, Apple Park Visitor’s Centre, and the Hewlett-Packard Garage. Let your driver handle the driving while you unwind and enjoy the ride. Local hero Matt Chatta provides an audio tour. The configuration enables you to listen at any time that is convenient for you. It also allows you to stop the listening experience. Whenever you feel the need to take a break or continue your investigation—starting at $51 per group, with a maximum of 5 individuals.

Half-Day Silicon Valley Tour Private Day Trip from San Francisco:

Silicon Valley Tour

This customizable, five-hour private tour might be perfect for you if there is a specific site in Silicon Valley. You have always wanted to see but have yet to have the chance to do so. The excursion provides an introductory overview of the biotechnology, computer, and global communications industries’ innovative endeavors, as well as the profound impact these sectors have had on the local community. Upon receiving transportation from San Francisco. A private vehicle will be utilized to convey you to the South Bay in grand style. Where you will hear from your guide about how Silicon Valley has changed how the rest of the world operates. Your driver and focus, pick-up and drop-off service, bottled water, and snacks are all included in the trip’s price. You start at $577 per group (up to a maximum of 6 individuals).


Known for its cultural icons, Silicon Valley is a large region in California that is home to several significant corporations. The region, which crosses multiple counties, has a variety of tourist attractions. The Apple Park Visitor Centre, located in Santa Clara County, is free to enter and is the site of the former Apple headquarters. The Googleplex, a collection of more than 60 buildings, is home to Google’s headquarters. The hours of the Google Merchandise Store are from Monday to Friday. The store sells goods bearing the company logo. However, the only area that is accessible is eBay. It’s also worthwhile to visit the Netflix office buildings. You can take a historical tour of the company at the Intel Museum. There are five top-rated tours available to see Silicon Valley.

With stops at Stanford alumni, Steve Jobs’ former home, and the cutting-edge architecture of Apple, Facebook, Google, and Oracle campuses. A full-day private tour of Silicon Valley provides an unmatched grasp of the city’s history. Participants, including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk, can explore the city at their own speed with a self-guided audio tour. With door-to-door service, a private Redwood Forest & Silicon Valley Day Trip departs from San Francisco and visits Silicon Valley and California’s oldest state park. There’s also a 2-hour private driving trip with an audio guide and pauses. A half-day trip takes you around Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge medical, computing, and global communications companies.


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